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Alright so the Shield is something that is needed to even be able to Complete the Ancient Evil Easter Egg. Not only is this necessary But this Shield and Spear will help give you a great advantage trying to completing this Map.

How to Build Apollos Shield and the Part Locations

So there are actually 3 parts that are scattered around the map that will need to be obtained. Once you obtain all three parts you will now need to head up to the Marketplace to build the Shield and Spear.

1. The Strap

So the Strap can actually spawn in three different locations. The First location that it can spawn is at the Upper Road On the Bridge Pillar. Now for the Second possible location is at the Upper Road Under the Bridge. The Final spawn location for the Strap is also at the Upper Road On Top of Stairs On Stone.

2. The Spear

The Spear can actually spawn in 3 different areas within either Stoa of the Athenians or the Intersection of Treasuries. The First possible location which is in the Stoa of the Athenians is Leaning on the Pillar. The Second possible spawn is in the Intersection of Treasuries Leaning on a Statue. The Final Spawn location is also in the Intersection of Treasuries In the small Garden area.

3. The Shield Face

So this one is not as easy as the other two. This piece is obtain by killing a gegenees. There is a easy way you can force spawn a gegenees that will definitely speed this process up. All you have to do is Head to the Amphitheater and obtain the Sentinel Artifact. Then next obtain the Golden Bridle from either the Pedestal in the Intersection of Treasuries Area or the Pedestal in Stoa of the Athenians.

Now once all 3 parts are acquired you can now head over to the Market Place to Build and Obtain the Apollos Shield and Spear.

Now as the Shield is needed to b able to Complete Black ops 4 Zombies Ancient Evil’s Easter egg there also is one thing that you can add to help you complete it. You can also Pack A Punch in Ancient Evil which can give you a huge advantage in killing zombies. This can be done simply by Unlocking Pegasus, Then Freeing the Birds and Surviving in the Center of the World Also Known as Pack A Punch Area.

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