Map Names:

Complete Perks List:

  • Deadshot – Improves Headshot Accuracy
  • Electric Cherry – Charge Attack During Reload
  • Mule Kick – Carry 3 Weapons
  • Quick Revive – Fast Revive or Self Revive(Solo)
  • Stamin-Up – Run Faster
  • Widows Wine – Protected Barrier From Melee Attack
  • Bandolier
  • Deathwish
  • Perception
  • Slider
  • Stronghold
  • Timeslip
  • Tortoise

Blood of The Dead

– Areas:

  • Richtofen’s Lab, which is where you spawn
  • Model Industries Building
  • West Grounds (split path between docks and…)
  • New Industries Building
  • Transverse Tunnel
  • Power Plant
  • Hill Tower (and Hill Tower Catwalk)
  • Recreation Yard (lava everywhere)
  • Cell Block Entrance
  • Times Square
  • Cafeteria
  • Michigan Avenue
  • Sally Port
  • Administration
  • Warden’s Office
  • Eagle Plaza
  • Warden’s House

The area details and overall layout are described in the video.

– Wonder Weapons

  • The Acid Gat upgrade for the Blundergat returns
  • They seem to indicate that there will be elemental upgrades, one of which is magma
  • The Shield is called the “Spectral Shield”
  • The Golden Spork returns but is electrified, as the video seems to hint
  • The Hell’s Retriever is replaced by a dog which you can call in (a play on “retriever”, the breed of dog)

– Elixers

  • Elixers are in both Chaos and Aether story maps
  • The function like gobblegums did in BO3
  • The Wew Lads have suggested previously that those considered overpowered will not be returning
  • Elixers function like WWII Zombies consumables one on each arrow of the D-pad

– Traps

  • Spin Trap, different to the original map – it sticks out of the ground and spins round
  • Acid Trap is still present

– Gameplay Footage

Here is some Actual Gameplay Foot of Blood of the Dead. – Watch Here


  • The Classified Loading Screen features Samantha Maxis.
  • The layout of Classified is similar to that of Five, however there are multiple new and updated rooms, as well as an entirely new Pack-a-Punch area.


– Spawn

    • Nearby is the first new room where a Teleporter and the 1st Perk Machine can be found.
    • Increased debris.

– War Room

    • New wall-buy weapons.
    • 2nd Perk Machine.
    • A large globe with red shining lights can be found on the ceiling.
    • An area which is locked via keypad and requires a code for entry.
    • New server room featuring a Mystery Box, Teleporter, and piece of a buildable Trap.

– Lab

    • Buildable parts for the Shield, Traps, and Power Switch.
    • 3rd Perk Machine.

– Pack-a-Punch (Old)

    • Where the Pack-a-Punch Machine was located in Five is now a buildable part which is used to amplify the Teleporter and take you to the new Pack-?-Punch location which is cluttered with debris.
    • Alongside Hellhounds, Nova Crawlers return. Nova Gas negates player movement more than the original.
    • Writing can be found on the walls of Classified:
      • “Die to find the truth”
      • “Richtofen is the key”
    • Monitors around the map show iconic locations from the Aether storyline such as Ascension, Moon, MPD, Zombies, and Richtofen himself. TVs also show the location of the Mystery Box and sometimes an Illuminati symbol.


    These details are not exactly specific to Classified but are necessary for context sake.

    • Double Pack-a-Punch returns.
    • Despite using the Perk system that the Chaos maps use, the Aether maps use Perk Machines, not God Statues.
    • Perks and the order in which they are present in the map are assigned on a per-player basis.
    • New Perks:
      • Blood Lust/Death Wish – Upon losing the last of your health you are given a second chance and buffs. Has a cooldown.
      • Defensive Tortoise – If the player has equipped the buildable Shield they are protected on all sides, an explosive blast is created upon the Shield being destroyed.
      • Stronghold – Creates a defensive zone around the player while shooting.
      • Widow’s Wail – Similar to Widows Wine, taking damage activates a defensive explosion which freezes Zombies. 2 charges before cooldown.
      • Perception – See Zombies through walls and receive an indicator on-screen when a Zombie is approaching from another direction.
      • PhD Slider – Do I really need to explain? Must be charged by sliding before it can be used.
      • Bandolier – Carry more reserve ammo.
      • Time Slip – Decreased cooldown time on equipment, Perks, and Teleporters.
    • New Elixirs (Gobblegum replacement):
      • Unknown – Teleport to a downed teammate.
      • Control Z – Nearby Zombies become allies and attack hostile Zombies.
      • Unknown – Drop points for teammates to pick up.
    • Talisman Modifiers:
      • Start with certain Perks.
      • Never lose the Perk equipped in X slot.
      • Mystery Box Guarantees.
      • 30+ more
    • Special Weapons (Katana, DG-5, Flamethrower, and Death Machine) increase in strength as Zombies are killed using them.
    • Special Weapons are used to grant the player Armor. The Juggernog Perk is seemingly removed.
    • Operator Weapon Mods from Multiplayer are usable in Zombies.
    • Throwable Equipment:
      • Grenade
      • Semtex
      • Molotov
      • Acid Grenade
      • Fire Grenade
      • Deployable Turret

    Credit: Reddit

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