Dark Harvest Easter Egg Steps and Guide

Easter Egg Steps

  1. Turn On Power
    1. Open the House($1250)
    2. Open drawers in each room to find three numbers.
    3. Input the numbers in the correct sequence to open the basement door.
    4. Talk to the man in the basement to receive keys to the garage.
    5. Open the garage and survive the horde inside.
    6. Find and turn on the power switch.
  2. Meteor Step
    1. Talk to the Man in the Basement again.
    2. Enter the burning house near the garage.
    3. Find the fire ax on the ground floor.
    4. Use the fire ax to unlock the greenhouse.
    5. Obtain the Shovel e-tool inside.
    6. Find the dig site behind the signed Stone near the house.
    7. Use the shovel e-tool to dig up the meteorite.
    8. Melee the meteorite to pick it up.
    9. Head to the pond and deposit the meteorite there.
    10. Talk to the Man in the Basement again.
  3. Soul Step
    1. Shoot the Targets:
      • Find and shoot five targets in the forest area behind the gate, repeating four more times.
    2. Fill the Soul Ghost:
      • Kill zombies next to the soul ghost to fill it with souls.
      • Repeat the process until the soul ghost reaches a location past the barn.
  4. Set Radio Frequencies
    1. Ground Floor Clock: Match the dial on the radio near the NV4 wall buy to the angle indicated by the clock in the burning building.
    2. Garage Clock: Match the dial on the radio near Electric Cherry to the direction shown on the clock in the garage.
    3. Main Entrance Clock: Input the clock direction to the radio in the basement.
  5. Ragnarok Build Steps
    1. Obtain Ragnarok Parts:
      1. Find the first part to the left of Tact Tequila in the barn.
      2. Find the second part to the left of Stamina in the greenhouse.
      3. Find the third part on the left side of the shelf in the garage.
    2. Build the Ragnarok at Any Build Table
      • Inside Shed
      • Inside Greenhouse
  6. Generator Step
    1. Slam the Ragnarok on the generator located to the right side of the burning building.
    2. Defend yourself from the spawned horde.
    3. Access the attic of the house to find Flinger Feathers and proceed to the next step.
  7. Lockdown & Bossfight
    1. Interact with the green skull on the pedestal to initiate a lockdown.
    2. Survive the lockdown, then engage in the boss fight.
    3. Defeat the boss.
    4. Return to the basement and talk to the man again.
    5. Receive a Perkaholic reward.
    6. Purchase the Bible ending at the pickup truck next to the house for 50,000 points.


  1. Obtain Pack-A-Punch Parts:
    1. Opposite the Double Tap machine.
    2. Part in the basement, perched against wooden barrels.
    3. Part in the garage, to the left of the Pack-A-Punch build site.
  2. Assemble the Pack-A-Punch machine in the garage.

KT4 Build Steps

  1. Receive a KT4 Part from the pneumatic tube after Completing the Meteor Step of the EE.
  2. Kill a Regular Thrasher to obtain another KT4 Part.
  3. Enter the greenhouse and pick up the seed.
  4. Plant the seed near the NV4 wall buy.
  5. Wait three rounds for a plant to grow.
  6. Collect the plant to obtain the final KT4 Part.
  7. Build the KT4 in the basement of the house.

Shield Build Steps

  1. Find Shield Parts
  2. Build the Shield at Either Build Table
    • Inside Red Shed
    • Inside Greenhouse

Free RayGun

Head to the tree Nearby the Truck in front of the House. Once there you wanna be against the tree and facing it and wanna do F, F, F, melee, F and shoot the tree. Once you do that the Ray Gun Will Now Spawn.


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