Dying Light 2 Review

Review of Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 is an action-packed, story-driven survival game that boasts an immersive post-apocalyptic world. The highly anticipated game, developed by Techland and published by Square Enix, was finally released in December 2021, after a series of delays. Having completed the game, I can confidently say that it has surpassed my expectations, providing an exhilarating, … Read more

Dying Light Slums and Old Town Blueprint Locations

Here is a list of all found or Known Blueprint Locations Within the Dying Light in the Slums and Old Town. If there is any others that we have missed or new ones that has been added feel free to comment below and we will add to the List.

Airport Security*SlumsWeaponWatch
Bad HangoverSlumsWeaponWatch
Bolter PoisonSlumsWeaponWatch
Cattle StampSlumsWeaponWatch
Filthy BladeSlumsWeaponWatch
Fire LauncherSlumsWeaponWatch
Glowing StickSlumsWeaponWatch
Grill’em And Kill’emSlumsWeaponWatch
GTFOSlumsWeapon Watch
Heavy WelderSlumsWeaponWatch
Home RunSlumsWeaponWatch
Pocket LighterSlumsWeaponWatch
Poison PenSlumsWeaponWatch
Puff Puff PassSlumsWeaponWatch
Short CircuitSlumsWeaponWatch
Spiked CollarSlumsWeaponWatch
Stay DownSlumsWeaponWatch
Stinky EdgeSlumsWeaponWatch
Surprise MFS!!!SlumsWeaponWatch
Thorn CrownSlumsWeaponWatch
TruAction Elec BaseballSlumsWeaponWatch
Water CurrentSlumsWeaponWatch
Zombie Classic ModSlumsWeaponWatch
All-In-OneOld TownWeaponWatch
Angel SwordOld TownWeaponWatch
Bad AssOld TownWeaponWatch
Cloud 9Old TownWeaponWatch
Cut’n’GoOld TownWeaponWatch
ElectrocutionerOld TownWeaponWatch
Flame BladeOld TownWeaponWatch
Flap ClapOld TownWeaponWatch
Get MedievalOld TownWeaponWatch
God HammerOld TownWeaponWatch
GTFO 2.0Old TownWeaponWatch
Poison BlastOld TownWeaponWatch
Poison StraponOld TownWeaponWatch
RoosterOld TownWeaponWatch
Strobe KnightOld TownWeaponWatch
Toxic ReaperOld TownWeaponWatch
List of Blueprint Locations