Oasis Easter Egg Steps and Guides

  1. Turn On Power
    • Find the handle within the pool of water in the spawn area.
    • Locate the panel to build the power, which is to the right-hand side of the church.
    • Head to the workbench in the church to complete the power build.
  2. Feed the Chickens
    • Find and interact with 10 chickens in three areas: spawn area, second area, and within the church.
    • Kill zombies near the chickens to collect their souls.
    • Feeding the chickens will cause them to explode and reward you with a random power-up or gun.
    • Once all the chickens have been completed, a mystery door will open within the church.
  3. Unlocking The First Bow
    • Find three relics: two in the Lost Temple and one in the pyramid.
    • Retrieve the relics and place them on the pedestals near the teleporter outside the church.
    • Use the teleporter to access the first bow.
  4. Unlocking All The Bows
    • Acquire a rocket launcher from one of the multiple crates around the map.
    • Activate the trigger on a statue in the spawn area.
    • Destroy three artifacts located in the spawn area, outside the church area, and in the pyramid using the rocket launcher.
    • Activate a small pyramid and a lion statue to lower the shield before shooting the artifacts.
    • Repeat the process until all three artifacts are destroyed.
    • Collect the other bows and receive 5,000 points.
  5. Build the Shield
    • Find the visor location near the waterfall close to PhD.
    • Locate the gas part on the ritual table within the church.
    • Find the eagle part in the pool of water within the spawn area.
    • Build the shield on the table in the area outside the church, close to PhD.

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