Shoot Haus Easter Egg Steps and Guides


  1. Obtain the 3 necessary components for the launch pad by acquiring 3 perks. The process of unlocking perks begins on round 3 and recurs every 3 to 4 rounds thereafter.
  2. Install the collected components onto the launch pad located in the northern section of the map, specifically in the Supply Depot area.
  3. Initiate an evacuation request [cost: 750 points] at the radio-equipped bench situated in the Supply Depot area. Ensure your proximity to the bench as the transmission progresses.
  4. After approximately 5 minutes of calling for evacuation, an audible horn will sound, accompanied by the appearance of a Zeppelin airship approaching from the sky. Return to the evacuation bench and request the opening of the hatch, following the same procedure as the initial evacuation.
  5. Retrieve a fuel canister from the central fountain area of the map. Multiple potential spawn locations for the fuel canister can be found within this general area. Utilize the acquired canister to refuel the generator located in the Generator Yard.
  6. Engage the Zeppelin in the sky by targeting and shooting the 4 red explosive tubes attached to it. Successful hits will result in hit-markers, confirming accurate shots on the correct components.
  7. Activate the launch pad in the Supply Depot area [cost: 750 points]. Subsequently, proceed upstairs within the Zeppelin to locate and access the pack-a-punch machine.

How To Build the Shield

  1. Locate the Parts
  2. Not You Can Build the Shield on any table at these Locations

Free Perk

Servive in the Zeppelin for a total of 5 Rounds. Once you do that There will be a Perk Spawn Nearby where you exit.

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