The Sanctuary Easter Egg Steps and Guides

Easter Egg Steps

  1. Obtain 3 Fuses
    • Blood Fuse
      • Get a Zombie Blood drop and search faintly glowing corpses.
        • Right corner of spawn
        • left of entrance to factory
        • back right corner in factory
        • in front of Juggernog area
        • in power room
        • in the open room to the right of Electric Cherry
      • Place the Blood Fuse in the soul collector just outside the factory entrance and fill it with souls.
    • Crane Fuse
      • Acquire Electric Cherry, then reload next to the red switch in the Speed Cola area for a box to drop and grab the fuse.
      • Place the Crane Fuse in the soul collector inside the nearby building and fill it with souls.
    • Furnace Fuse
      • Kill Negan and use the Lucille bat he drops to break the wooden barrier in the factory. Collect the gold bar inside.
      • Acquire and Pack-a-Punch Daryl’s Crossbow, then shoot into the right furnace within the factory and place the gold inside.
      • Return 2 rounds later to collect a key from inside. Head to the left of Deadshot Daquiri and mantle the sandbags to unlock a door and collect the fuse.
      • Place the Furnace Fuse in the factory soul collector and fill it with souls.
  2. Head to the teleporter at spawn to initiate a holdout. Upon completion, you will receive a Perkaholic and the ability to escape through the teleporter.

Pack a Punch

  1. Turn on the power.
  2. Enter the code in the entrance of the factory. The numbers are next to candles of the same coordinating color.
    • Yellow: Inside the power room
    • Blue: Open room in the block building
    • Red: On the table on the left side of the factory
  3. This will open a nearby shed with a max ammo inside. Collect the wrench inside.
  4. Use the wrench to turn 3 valves around the map:
    • Right side inside the factory.
    • Right of Juggernog.
    • Opposite the Speed Cola wall.

Daryl’s Crossbow Wonder Weapon

Shoot 8 teddy bears around the map with a Pack-a-Punched weapon.

  • Back right corner of spawn outside the map.
  • Underneath the staircase to the left of the entrance of the factory.
  • To the left of the lantern in the factory, to the right of the AK74u wallbuy.
  • Underneath the staircase to the left of Juggernog.
  • On the balcony to the left of Electric Cherry.
  • In the distance to the left of Deadshot on a rooftop.
  • Inside the power room within the mechanical core in the center of the room.
  • On the left corner of the rooftop to the left of Speed Cola. A door will now open in the block building where you can grab the crossbow.

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