IX easter Egg Guide

Main Easter Egg Steps Unlock Pack-A-Punch Locate the Skull Within the Pack-A-Punch Room With Symbol Activate Special Weapon and Shoot Skull┬áThen Pick Up Obtain Death of Orion(Can Be Packed or Not) Place Skull in Grinder in Flooded Crypt Shoot 3 Times With Full Charged Death of Orion Pick Up The Skull Remains Bring a Axe … Read more


Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Trophie List
Map Trophy Name How to Achieve
IX My Name is the Arena Survuve to Round 20 Without Opening a Gate
IX Venerated Warrior Defeat the Most Venerated Opponent
IX Skilled Adversary Have a Challenge Banner With All 9 Medallions
IX The Slaughterhouse Dismember 13 Limbs in a Single Game while in the Pit
IX Gong like the Wind Defeat all 8 Challengers summoned by a gong within 5 minutes
IX Gift of Serket Acquire Serket’s Kiss
IX Here Kitty, Kitty Kill a Zombie Tiger with a Brain Rotted Tiger
IX Acidic Alchemy Get a Kill with the Acid Trap in each of its craftable locations
IX Constellation Prize Kill 9 Zombies with a single uncharged shot from the Death of Orion
Voyage of Despair Abandon Ship Complete the Trial
Voyage of Despair Off the Deep End Survive to Round 20 without draining the water
Voyage of Despair A little Pack Here, a Little Punch There Use the Pack-a-Punch at every possible location
Voyage of Despair Rock, Paper, Plasma Kill 9 Zombies via Catalytic Detonations in a single game
Voyage of Despair I know a shortcut Take every fast travel path in a single game
Voyage of Despair Stoking the Flames Kill 3 Stokers via a weak-point in a single round
Voyage of Despair Stowaway Spend 5 Consecutive rounds in the Cargo Hold
Voyage of Despair Swimming with the Fishes Kill 50 Zombies that are underwater in a single game
Voyage of Despair Kraken Unfettered Kill 9 enemies with a single shot of the Kraken
Voyage of Despair Trailing Experience Acquire the Sentinel Artifact
Blood of the Dead West Side for Life Reach Round 20 without leaving the West Side of the Island
Blood of the Dead Gat Trick Kill the Warden with the Blundergat, Acidgat and Magmagat
Blood of the Dead Historical Reenactment Equip Hell’s Retriever, Spoon, Blundergat and Tommy Gun
Blood of the Dead Hot Stuff Coming Through Forge a Magmagat
Blood of the Dead Match Made in Hell Complete a Gondola ride with the Warden
Blood of the Dead Most Escape Alive Escape
Blood of the Dead Paranormal Patch Up Revive Another Player With Shield
Blood of the Dead Senseless Axe of Violence Kill 5 Zombies with the Hell’s Redeemer before it starts
Blood of the Dead Throw a Dog Bone Feed a wolf Head from the Gondola
Classified Cold War Remedy Retrieve and Equip the Project Skadi Prototype
Classified Breaking the Ice Shatter 115 Zombies in a single game
Classified Shock Value Kill 115 Zombies with the electric traps in a single game
Classified Power Struggle Reach Round 20 Without turning on the power
Classified Preemptive Sprike Kill 50 Nova 6 Crawlers without them Exploding in a single game
Classified The Highest Office Reach round 20 without using elevator
Classified Crawl for Help While in a last stand Use a teleporter and then get revived in a single match
Classified Step on the Gas Kill 50 Zombies while affected by Nova 6 Crawler in a single game
Classified Pent-up-agon Complete 5 consecutive rounds without leaving the war room elevator
Classified Going Everywhere Fast Use a Teleporter 7 times in less than a minute in a single game

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