Main Easter Egg Steps

    1. Unlock Pack-A-Punch
    2. Locate the Skull Within the Pack-A-Punch Room With Symbol
    3. Activate Special Weapon and Shoot Skull Then Pick Up
    4. Obtain Death of Orion(Can Be Packed or Not)
    5. Place Skull in Grinder in Flooded Crypt
    6. Shoot 3 Times With Full Charged Death of Orion
    7. Pick Up The Skull Remains
    8. Bring a Axe Throwing Gladiator to Arena
    9. Have the Gladiator throw Axe at one of the 2 Pyres
    10. Pick Up Piece of Wood
    11. Place Wood in Large Cauldron(After 2 Rounds Pick Back Up As Coals)
    12. Obtain the Poo(Is received from Crowd When Bad affinity. Hint: Throw 3 Grenades in Crowd)
    13. Place Poo, Bone Ash and Charcoal in Bowl within the Zeus Tower:Bath House(After 1-2 Full Rounds Pick Up Poo Mix Will be smoking Green)
    14. Place Fertilizer Between Trees Where Got Poison(Advance 2 Rounds Until fertilizer Begins to smoke green)
    15. Now Kill Zombies Over Fertilizer With Pack A Punched Firebomb Effect Gun(Blue Cracks Will Appear On Ground)
    16. Now Have all Players Stand On Cracks and You Will Be Teleported into black and white Danu Tower
    17. Survive and Shoot the Red Tree Spores(3 Areas to Complete)
    18. Find 4 Bull Symbols Around The Map(Shoot them With Shield to Spawn in Champion)

      Watch a Video On all 9 Bull Head Symbol Locations

    19. Kill Each Champion Zombie That Spawns In for Ra Statue To Absorb Soul
    20. Head to Obelisk at Ra Altar Room Everyone Press Square on Symbol(Will Be Teleported into an alternate version of the Ra tower)
    21. Watch The Obelisk Will Flash Symbols(Remember these in order as you Must kill Those Zombies in that order or will Fail)
    22. Repeat Step 20 & 21 One More Time to Complete This Step
    23. Have all players go in the middle of the Arena and interact with the stone in the middle(They will all be teleported down into the underground)
    24. Shoot 4 poles underground until they raise up. Pole locations:

      Watch Video on All 4 Underground Pole Locations

    1. All Players go up to the Arena and there will be electrical circles in 4 corners of the Arena.
    1. You must now shock enemies using Kill-O-Watt re-pack effect and when they are stunned you must kill them in order for the electricity to be transferred up into the poles above. When you’ve charged the poles enough there will be orbs in the challenge bowls in the middle of the Arena.
    1. Have every player interact with one of the Orbs in the Center of Arena.
  1. Once all of the orbs are activated you will be given an unlimited specialist weapon. Gladiators will start spawning kill them all and survive to get to complete this step.
  2. Nine blue Symbols will spawn in the underpart of the map(The goal is to shoot three symbols with one shot three times Has to Be Exact and Shot on a specific Angle)
  3. Everyone Stand In Front of Grate in Pitt Equip Special and all Hold Square Or (You Will Need to Survive Until the Water Fills up in grate to Obtain Key)
  4. Head to the Arena and everyone Press Square on Orb at Gate(You Are Now Entering the Boss Fight)
  5. Clear Three Rounds Of Gladiaters, Brawlers and Tigers
  6. Kill the 2 Zombie Elephants and Easter Egg is Complete

Watch The Ending Cutscene Here

Scorpion Wonder Weapon(Death of Orion)

    1. Open Pack A Punch
    2. In between the Underground Entrances of the Ra and Danu temples, a wall has crumbled. Shoot the bowl.
    3. Head to the bridge of that temple, notice the fire. It points to a particular temple where a statue head can be found.
  1. There are 4 potential spawns for the Head.

    Watch a Video On all Head Locations

  2. Find All Acid Trap Parts
  3. Build the acid trap in Any One Trap Locations
  4. Place that head on the trap’s grate, and turn on the trap, now you can pick up the Scorpion key.
  5. Obtain The Jar(Keep Max Crowd Affinity for 2 Rounds/You Must Obtain Scorpion Key First)
  6. Head to underground area for the Zenu Temple, there is a tree with a hole in it. Melee it and place the scorpion key inside. Place the jar below. Then Round Skip.
  7. Pick Back Up The Jar.
  8. On the Left Side of the Mystery Box You Need to Hit Square to Poison.
  9. The Death of Orion should now be the next weapon you recieve from the mystery box.(Pack-A-Punched Its Serket’s Kiss)

Odin’s Temple Body(on boat)

  1. Obtain the Sword in the Crypt
  2. Obtain the Helmet in Odin Tower:Entrance
  3. Obtain the Tankard(Cup) in Danu-Ra Temple Entrance
  4. Place all 3 parts onto skeleton on boat in Odin Alter Room

    Doing these steps will trigger a sound of two swords clashing.

Obtain the Jar

You Need to Unlock Pack A Punch. Get a Green Sparkling Thumb and stay in arena for 1 whole round. The Best way to keep them Cheering is avoid taking any damage Entire Round. Only one person needs to keep The Sparkling Thumb.(This Needs to Be Done After Obtaining the Scorpion Key)

Bull Shield Upgrade Piece Locations

  1. Shoot Down on Ceiling in Pack A Punch(You Must First Light Up Bull Heads with Shield to Spawn)

    Watch Video on Locations

  2. Near the Mystery Box
  3. On Headless Statue Underground When you come from Odin

Other Things Found



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