Main Easter Egg Steps Build and Obtain The Atomwaffe Shoot the 3 Sparking Power Poles Upstairs Outside Pickup Ingot at Fusebox thats Now Open Place Ingot into Fireplace Complete a Round and Pickup Key in Furnace Open the Drawer at Desk in the Comms Room then Obtain Temple Stone Place Temple Stone on Ritual Table … Read more

Alpha Omega – Building and Using the Teleporter – Black Ops 4 Zombies

Alpha Omega Teleporter Guide

First you are going to need to locate all 3 parts which there possible locations are listed below. Part in the Transfusion Facility: Locker left of front door Below operation chair Cardboard boxes in the backyard Part in the Green House: Downstairs in front-left corner Downstairs kitchen below barrier Upstairs on window balcony Part located … Read more

Alpha Omega First Room Purist Solo Guide

Purist first room is a challenge where you play on hardcore, you can’t open any doors and you are only allowed to use frag grenades/acid bombs and wall weapons, you are not allowed to use elixirs or special weapons and this is the world record strategy guide for it. Important tips: Shooting the zombies in … Read more

Alpha Omega – How to Build the Riot Shield – Black Ops 4 Zombies

First you are gonna need to locate 3 Parts around the Map. The Window the Base and the Handle. I will list all possible locations below. Window Shield Part Beds – Beside a dresser, near the Lounge tunnel. Beds – On the metal shelving unit, near the Generators tunnel. Beds – Sitting on a yellow … Read more