Main Easter Egg Steps

1. Contain the Gas Leak

Turn On Power. After you turn on the power, go into the bunker and enter the Generator Room and start the lockdown from one of the generators Computer. Complete the lockdown of Nova Crawlers until the gas clears. Once the lockdown is completed, go up to the houses in the spawn and search the houses for ventilation units. Once you find a ventilation unit, you need to hold the interact button to clear out the green goo/gas from the unit; zombies will spawn to attack you. There are a total of 4 ventilation units you need to find. Tip: Look for the houses with green gas to quickly locate the needed Vent Fans repaired. Progress a Round. Now go into the house with the MOG-12 and activate the RUSHMORE computer.

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2. Test the Emergency Broadcast System

Four codes will be placed around the map in different areas. The first code known as “Toy Soldier” will be in the same house as Rushmore next to a green metal box on a desk. The next code will be called “Sawyer” and you’ll need to go to the APD Interrogation room and it will be on the desk in front of the interrogation room behind a radio. The next code is called “McCain” and it will be in the APD Control room in the bunker; knife some papers on a few desks until you find the code. The last code called “Purnell” requires you to grab a key in the key box located at Solitary in the bunker. After you obtain the key go into the Yellow House and go upstairs and hold interact on the desk to reveal the final code. Once you find all codes, input them onto the keypad next to Rushmore in this order: Toy Soldier, Sawyer, McCain, & Purnell. This will spawn the A.D.A.M. robot in Storage. After inputting the codes – grab the galvaknuckles and go to the Lounge/beds. Locate the TV that’s on with static. Melee zombie with galvaknuckles near the TV in the Lounge and it will read a code to you with a letter and 4 numbers; write down what’s given in the exact order. You should be given five codes. Go to the five houses that correlate with the codes given and set the clocks with the letter that matches the current house you’re in (Watch Video on Locations). Once you do this to all houses, you need to go to the house that you didn’t have a code for and you need to interact with the clock. The clock should start spinning crazy and after a while will stop and give you a time – input the time into Rushmore’s keypad.

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3. Pursue All Avenues of Science and Invention

Talk to Rushmore one more time. There should be a Red Nova Crawler; get it to follow you and take it to the Tranfusion Facility (Brown House). Inside the Brown House is a tent; the Nova Crawler should walk into the zombie spawn to the left on its own. After the Nova Crawler goes into the out of bounds area, return to Rushmore and interact with him.

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4. Preserve the Integrity of our Mission

Rushmore will then tell you about an intruder who stole a 115 canister, that intruder will be Marlton. You need to go to the entrance to Diner from Green House and interact with the door next to the barrels. After Marlton and Rushmore finish talking, you need to go get A.D.A.M. Bring A.D.A.M to the door and Marlton should throw the canister out the door; pick up the canister. Bring the canister into the Brown House and place it in the Transfusion Facility opposite of the clock.

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5. Prevail over the Impossible to Open New Worlds

Talk to Rushmore again and he will tell you to go find a server for him, this server will be located in the Power House next to the teleporter. Place the teleporter pad next to the server, and then connect to the one at the Brew perk. You need to then get a Jolting Jack Crawler to shock the server panel. After the panel is shocked, run into the teleporter and run to the Rushmore server panel and insert the server into it. After inserting the server, get Brain Rot and go to Beds, Lounge, and Upstairs Green House and find paints that have gas emitting from them. Get a Turned zombie, and have to destroy the paintings. You should get codes from the paintings, and you need to input them into Rushmore. Interact with Rushmore after inputting the codes.

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6. Protect the Values of the American Dream

The power will turn off and you’ll have to look for power boxes with red handles, they will have lights above them. You need to make sure all the lights turn green. Make sure all switches are flipped down, then flip the switches in this order: Diner, Beds, Generator. After the lights turn green, go turn on the power once again. Speak to Rushmore after the power turns back on.

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7. Prepare for Tomorrow and Humanity’s Future

Around the map there will be a mannequin glowing blue. You will need to have all players in the area and interacting with the mannequin, this will put you in a lockdown in that area. Locations are Yellowhouse Backyard, Prisoner Holding, GreenHouse Backyard, Transfusion Facility, Lounge and Diner. Once the lockdown is complete go back to the mannequin and pick up the piece it left behind. You will need to repeat this twice more. You then need to go to the APD Interrogation room and interact with the mannequin on the chair, this will come to life as Peter McCain. After McCain and Rushmore stop talking, look for a blue orb around the map. Follow the blue orb until it reaches Peter McCain, (if you fail you must retry next round). After doing this, talk to Rushmore.

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8. Overwhelm our Enemies with Shock and Awe

After talking to Rushmore, go down to the APD Control room and have all players hold interact on the console. After all players interact you must kill a few mannequins to open the APD. Once the APD is opened the Avogadro will spawn from the APD and a nuke will go off. All zombies will stay mannequins and the Avogadro will chase you. You will need to find these canisters in every room of the bunker and activate the ones that are prompted, (you will only need to power four of these canisters). Canister Locations Are Storage, Diner, Lounge, Beds. You need to collect sufficient souls before continuing. Once sufficient souls are collected, a Max Ammo and Carpenter will spawn, but don’t stick around because the Avogadro will shock the whole room. You need to repeat this process three more times. After the forth and final time, lead the Avogadro back to the APD and shoot him to be in front of the door of the APD so that way he can be sucked in. After he gets sucked in, wait for the door to be opened and then pick up the Elemental Shard to complete the Easter Egg.

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