How to get Perkaholic Relapse Trophy / Achievement Guide – Black Ops 4 Zombies Acquire Every Perk in a single game

There is an achievement / trophy within Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Zombies titled : “Perkaholic Relapse”. The description for this perk reads: “Acquire every perk in a single game”. In order to get this trophy you have to assign the “Secret Sauce” perk to at least one or more of your perk statues / machines prior to starting your zombies match. This perk gives you a random perk within the game, so, in order to get all of the perks within a single match you simply need to keep on repurchasing this perk for 1,500 points. Eventually, if you luck/RNG are on your side, you will have acquired every single perk within the game at any point in time during that match and you will unlock the achievement. There are 13 perks in the game, so it may take you around 20+ purchases of Secret Sauce, as you may be unlucky and get the same perks multiple times. On the other hand, theoretically you can complete this achievement with only 13 purchases, although the chances are very rare.