Dead Island 2 Walkthrough Guide

Fight of the Damned

The first step is to gather your team and equip them with the best weapons and gear available. You need a balanced team with a mix of characters such as a healer, a tank, and a DPS (damage per second) dealer. You also need to have enough ammunition for your weapons and a good supply of health items such as medkits and energy drinks.

The next step is to make your way through the island towards the rescue point. This can be a challenging task as zombies will be on your path. To make things easier, it’s important to use stealth when possible to avoid drawing too much attention to your team. Also, use your environment to your advantage, taking cover behind objects such as cars or rocks to avoid being hit by zombies.

Once you arrive at the rescue point, you need to defend it until the rescue plane arrives. This part of the game involves fighting off hordes of zombies while protecting the rescue point. You should use the environment to your advantage by setting up traps such as mines and bombs to take out zombies. It’s also important to have a designated healer on your team to ensure that all members are healthy and ready to fight.

Finally, once the rescue plane has arrived, you must make a mad dash towards it while fighting off any remaining zombies. The plane will be under attack, so you need to defend it until it takes off. Once it takes off, you’ve successfully completed the Flight of the Damned in Dead Island 2.

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