Gauntlet Challenges – Hellcatraz

  1. Sacred Ground – Do Not Allow Any Zombies To Enter Richtofen’s Lab
  2. Jump Shot – Player Can Only Attack While Jumping
  3. WTF – Movement Controls Are Reversed
  4. Load of Nonsense – Weapons Must Be Reloaded After Every Shot If Ammo Is Available
  5. Fish In A Barrel – Use The Swordfish Only
  6. Dead Eye – All Weapons Replaced – SDM ADS Only
  7. Shut Your Trap – Kills Zombies with Traps Only
  8. A.iming D.oes S.ting – ADS Causes Damage
  9. Helluva Appetite – At Least One Player Must Posses Hell’s Retriever at the End of the Round
  10. Rooftop Party – Defend the Roof
  11. Zombie Noir – It’s Black and White
  12. Brain Soup – Get at Least 20 Spoon Kills by Round End. Unrelated Weapons are Locked Out
  13. Snooze You Lose – Sprint to Avoid Point Drain. Slower Movement Drains Points Faster
  14. Total RePack – Possess a Fully Packed Weapon at the End of the Round
  15. Power Through – Defend the Power House
  16. Shoot Mo’ Zombies – Use the Mozu Only
  17. Oh My Gat! – Forge the Magmagat During the Round
  18. Sacrificial Packed – Sacrifice 2 Weapons to the Pack-A-Punch Machine
  19. Japanese Horror – Survive the Terror
  20. Shower Showdown – Defend the Showers
  21. Prone to Regeneration – Health Regeneration Only Works While Prone
  22. Pointless – Points are Reset to Zero
  23. Unattached – Only Kills Via Weapons Without Attachments are Allowed
  24. Lockdown – All Doors are Sealed for the Round
  25. Stand Firm – Defend the Infirmary
  26. Mobster – Use the M1927 Only
  27. I’m Out! – All Ammo is Reset to Zero
  28. Keep It Hot – Travel Through Hell Holes Before Timer Expires
  29. Who Let the Hounds Out? – Survive a Hellhound Onslaught
  30. The Warden’s Last Stand – Defend the Warden’s House

Note For Round 12: If you haven’t gotten any shield blasts before this round, you can still use the shield to get souls and obtain the spoon.

Note For Round 22: Buy your perks and Pack-A-Punch before this round, so that way you will be prepared when you lose your points.

Note For Round 24: Before ending Round 23, make sure you end the round in an open area that you can train easily in, for you can be locked in the smallest room in the map.

Note For Round 27: Either bring a Cache Back Elixir or see if you have a free one in the cells.

Note For Round 28: (Solo Players) Stand near any of the fast travel points and use the fast travel when you have 13 seconds left on the counter, failure to do so will result in an instant strike. (Co-Op Players) Basically do the same as solo players, but have your players split at different fast travel points that aren’t connected to each other.

Check out this step-by-step tutorial by dkdynamite on how to beat the Hellcatraz Gauntlet without any strikes if you need a visual tutorial for each round!!


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