Main Easter Egg Steps

  1. Turn On Power – Located in the Underground Lab
  2. Speak with the Man in the Bank
  3. Fill 5 Soulboxes around the map(They are in the form of a cat) Locations:
  4. Once the Soul boxes are filled a door will open in the Lab enter this room and Grab the Keycard.
  5. Now Head Back to the Bank and speak with the man again.
  6. Now Collect 4 Keys Around the Map
  7. Now head to the Main Big Door with the Big Keys and Open it Up.
  8. Pick up the Green Keycard inside.
  9. Now Head back to the Bank and Talk with the Man.
  10. Now you will need to interact with 3 small clocks around the map.
  11. Now you will need to throw Grenades at 3 Large Clocks.
  12. Now the skybox will activate and a door to the right side of Pack-a-Punch will open.
  13. Pickup the Keycard to the Right of the Skybox Changing Machine
  14. Head back and Speak with the Man in the Bank Again
  15. Now you will need to Interact and Obtain the Crystal from around the map. Once you get it from one location it will move to the next. Make sure to follow the ordered list.
    1. Outside the Bank Near Madgaz Moonshine – Use the Fling Trap to Obtain it
    2. Nearby Watchful Wolf
    3. On Balcony Nearby the Bar
    4. On the Hill leading to Widows Wine
    5. By the Waterfall near Widows Wine
    6. By The Entrance to go to the Underground Area
    7. Right Outside the Lab
  16. Pickup Keycard Level 4 From Within the Lab(You Can Now buy the 3 Bows around the map for 15k each)
  17. Head back and Speak with the man in the Bank One Last Time. He will give you the final Key Card
  18. Place the Key Cards on the table in the Center of the Lab(You Will now have access to buy guns from the buyable glass cases)
  19. You Can Now Open the Emergency Door in the Lab once you have $45000.
  20. Inside there you will see a Panel. Interact with it to Call for a Emergency.
  21. Now head to the Area near Watchful Wolf and Interact with the Truck to Escape. Congratulations you have now completed the Easter Egg for Quiet Cosmos.

How to Build the Shield

  1. First Step will be to Location 3 Parts(Head, Teeth and Spine)
  2. Now that you have all 3 Parts you can now build the shield on the shield table in the Room with Deadshot.

Acid Gat

To Upgrade the Blunder Gat to the Acid Gat you are first gonna need to locate 3 parts. Here we will list the possible spawn locations for each part.

  • Engine – Located to the Right of Wonderfiz on the Balcony Behind the bar.
  • Bile Acid – Located in a Puddle of Water Near Large Key Door
  • Briefcase – Located Beside the Car near Madgaz Moonshine

Once you have all parts you can now build the table nearby Quick Revive. Now if you have the Blundergat you can now Upgrade it at this table to a Acid Gat.

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