1. Ascend from Darkness Watch Step – Make your way to Lighthouse Approach cave between the Lighthouse and Beach. Locate a blue glowing rock then melee it. If done correctly it should fall to the ground and you will be able to obtain blue rock. Next make your way to the top of the house where hermit is located. He will drop down a pulley system put the blue rock on it and give to hermit. Next you will need to complete 2 sets of Hermit Challenges with a total of 6 challenges. Locate and interact with scarecrow stands around the map to start challenges. After finishing 2 sets of challenges you have now completed Ascend from Darkness.
  2. Knowledge is Power – Head back up to see the hermit and he will give you dials. Now you need to find 4 different colored numbers located around the map. After obtaining all four different numbers you will need to make your way to Artifact Storage behind red orb and interact with one of the panels on the wall. Match each combination with its corresponding colored number by interacting with them. (You can also cheese this step and not locate all the numbers, just turn dials until you hear a ding.) You have now completed Knowledge is Power. Below is a list of colored number locations.
    • Blue – Cargo Hold
    • Orange – Forecastle
    • Purple – Stern
    • Yellow – Sun Deck
  3. Acquire the Vessel – Upon setting all the dials to the correct number the Apothicon will ask to bring it three offerings. (Having captions on helps with this step tremendously.) The Apothicon will give you hints to where the offering which will be bones or meat around the map. After finding an offering the Apothicon will give you another hint to find another offerings, you need to do this three times in total. Also be sure to listen very closely for the hints for you will only hear it once. Below will be a list of all known hints and locations for the offerings.
    • “Where thirst dawns” – Stern by crane
    • “Where hidden burns” – Hidden Path next tot generator
    • “Where power ends” – Human Infusion beside power switch
    • “Where north is found” – Bridge by the compass
    • “Where mountains throw” – Outer Walkway next to red pipe
    • “Where madness sleeps” – Specimen Storage by the bed
    • “Where lungs close” – Lagoon inside underwater cave
    • “Where lines berth” – Docks next to zipline
    • “Where lightning aims” – Security Lobby on a bench
    • “Where helixes peak” – Lighthouse Level 4 by the jars
    • “Where fire sinks” – Sunken Path beside the lantern
    • “Where filth cleanses” – Decontamination – next to a cart
    • “Where feet slip” – Ice Grotto on the ice slide
    • “Where falls freeze” – Cargo Hold in the water
    • “Where earth crumbles” – Geological Processing on the conveyor belt
    • “Where bread breaks” – Gangway on the island countertop
    • “Where bounded slept” – Forecastle in a shipping containter
    • “Where crows roost” – Forecastle inside barrels
    • “Where preservation freezes” – Main Deck beside life preserver
    • “Where one mysteries” – Lighthouse Level 1 on stair case step

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