Some suggestions on what to bring to the map:

  • 1911
  • Max ammo consumable
  • If you’re looking to get the boss fight on a lower round, double jolts
  • Special ability: Camouflage. Mods: Survivalist, Armored Up and the 3rd of your choosing
  • Get Jack in the Boxes as early as possible since these will come in handy through out most of this guide and the boss fight.

Step 1: turn on all gas valves in the village square (3 in all)

  1. valve behind armor on right side of village from spawn
  2. across from military truck in nook to the right
  3. you will need 1,000 points to open the door to the left coming out of spawn and its on the second building to the left

Step 2: turn on pilot, jump into hole and turn on generator

Step 3: open door that leads to Command Room

Step 4: turn crank and open doors that lead to the Morgue and Laboratory. There will be 2 fuse boxes that will need to be turned on to activate power, one in each area.

Step 5: open door to salt mine and make your way to the Emperors Chambers. Once you’ve gotten into the Emperors Chambers, activate the Hilt to begin Easter Egg steps.

Step 6: when the Hilt is activated, a red ring will appear on the floor. Kill zombies in the circle to power up the Power Device. Once filled, it will make its way to the command room.

Step 7: go back to the Command Room and to either side of the forge in front of you, go up the stairs and there will be a green light. Press the green light once the Power Device has stopped moving.

Step 8: once activated, the Power Device will move to the Morgue where you will need to fill it up with more zombies to keep it moving. Once filled, it will plug itself into the machine and power it up. Once it’s powered up, pick up the part for the Tesla Gun and head back to the command room.

Step 9: once back in the command, train zombies until the Power Device starts going toward the laboratory where you will follow the same steps as the morgue.

Step 10: once you have both parts to the Tesla Gun, a Brenner will appear on top of the forge. Kill it, but remember where you killed it as his head will become an item you can pick up later. Place the parts at the forge ( island in front of the green button you pushed to activate previous steps).

Step 11: you will need plenty of points to open 3-4 doors for this next step. Behind you at the forge, there will be a panel on the wall with a fuse box to the right of it. Activate the panel and it will show you a set of colors (red, blue and/or green). memorize or take a picture of this sequence. All games will have a different color code.

Step 12: there are 4 fuse boxes around the map that need to be turned on that coincide with the order of the colors you just received. This is a timed objective and the fuse boxes must be done in the order below:

  1. fuse box next to the panel you just activated
  2. fuse box is in tunnel you jumped into earlier. there will be a door that you need to open and the fuse box will be right ahead of you
  3. navigate through the room with blood flooding it (known as the “Red Room”) all the way to the left, open the door and the panel is on the left towards the exit
  4. exit the “Red Room” and go right, up the hill, right again, open the buyable door make and your way up the incline and it will be in front of next to the next buyable door

Step 13: open the door to the left of the fuse box and make your way to the tower. This is a defend objective. Activate the defend sequence by pulling the lever in front of you. Once completed, do the same for the 2 levers on both sides of the first lever. Once completed, hud will disappear, a bright light will appear and screen will shake.

Step 14: make your way back to the Emperors Chambers and activate the right hand of God (generator to the left when entering the chamber). Activate and head to Village Square.

Step 15: A Zeppelin will be flying overhead with 4 yellow lights. Concentrate on 1 of these lights and shoot it. It will turn red after a number of shots and will eventually drop a battery soon after. Make your way to the location of the drop zone of the Battery and fill it with zombies in close proximity.

  1. first two batteries that drop can be filled immediately
  2. 3rd battery drops, but gets picked up by zeppelin. shoot it out again and you will be able to fill it.

Once you have filled the battery, you will need to bring it to the Emperors Chambers and put it in the generator to the right. Once all 3 have been placed, activate the left hand of God.

Step 16: Return to the location where you killed the Brenner and pick up its head. you will need his head to find the notes for the voice of God. There are 4 paintings around the map. Use the Brenner heads’ ability and shine it on the paintings to reveal a Raven and a roman numerical number. Take note of which raven it is and the corresponding number. Locations are as followed but do not need to be done in any specific order:

  1. broken down pub on the right wall when you’re facing into the pub
  2. in the Red Room against the wall to the left of the Pack-A-Punch machine
  3. in the courtyard against the wall between a lit lantern on the ground and debris
  4. in the morgue between the 2 jump off areas on the lower floor

Step 17: go to the Emperors Chambers and go to the middle generator. Match the corresponding number with each Raven you found in the paintings. When complete, activate and loud tone will sound.



Suggested load out:

Perks: Stamina up, Double tap, Speed Cola and Quick Revive to avoid having to use your self revives

Step 18: Grab the Tesla gun from forge and head down to the Emperors Chambers and shoot into the red  transparent orb a couple times (if doing with other player(s) all must shoot it with the tesla gun). Grab the Hilt and a cut scene will play shortly after.

*****BOSS FIGHT****

Step 1: run in 1 direction and stay with that flow. The panzermorder and zeppelin both appear. Like before, shoot 1 of the lights until a battery falls out and fill.

Step 2: hang around near the battery and stun the panzermorder by shooting him, he will kneel and you have a very short time from to place the battery on to his leg. doing this will cause the zeppelin and the panzermorder to flee for a short while and will drop a max ammo.

Step 3: do the same steps as before with battery 2 as you did with battery 1.

Step 4: just like before, the 3rd battery will fall out, but will need to be shot out once more for the final time. this time you are aiming to put the battery on his lower back (looking more at his rear end will guarantee placement instead of fighting to set it directly on his lower back).

After the final battery is placed, a cut scene will take place ending the Easter egg! complete a full round after the boss fight to ensure registration and completion of the boss fight

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