The Giant First Room Guide

Setup: RK5 Attachments : Lazer sight and fast mags Shieva Attachments: Includes lazer sight and fast mags

Rounds 1-7 strategy: Camping by the RK5 wallbuy using the shieva mostly and if you get pushed back train the zombies or go to up the stairs to mainframe and jump down to kill the zombies .

Rounds 8-14: These rounds are the most annoying rounds in the game , you will have to depend on your training skills and timing to go through gaps between zombies (especially runners and walkers) . The best way to go through these rounds is training zombies spawning from the RK5 window down the stairs in small circles till more spawners come from shieva window and opposite windows (the opposite side to shieva next to mainframe) , after that you will go to mainframe, drop from the shieva side, run towards the RK5 wall and try hoard the zombies up again in a circle running anticlockwise in the RK5 area, then you will throw 2 grenades on the opposite wall to RK5 to kill the full hoard (any zombies the nades didn’t kill use your RK5 to kill them) and if you run out of your grenades you can do the hoard up and shoot the zombies with shieva.

Rounds 15-22: At the end of each round you will have to rebuild the shieva window starting the end of 14 (beginning of 15). The hoard up is similar to the earlier rounds strategy except its a little bit easier, you will train early spawners in small circles till the shieva window zombies breach then you will go up to mainframe, drop from shieva side towards the RK5 wall, cutback twice towards the opposite wall to RK5 and back to Rk5 wall and run the zombies into circles anticlockwise then throw 2 grenades on the opposite wall to RK5 in order kill the hoard (if you run out of nades use your shieva to kill the zombies).

Rounds 23+: This is the strategy that you are going to use to the rest of the game . You do the same hoard up as in rounds 15-22 so you train early spawners till the shieva window breaches, go up to mainframe, drop shieva side, do a double cutback by RK5 and you got the full hoard . At this point grenades dont make crawlers/kill zombies so you are going to throw 2 nades at the wall to damage the zombies and shoot your shieva to kill the zombies.

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Important Tips:
Dog Rounds: Every 4-5 rounds (if last dog round was 20 then the next is 24-25) Midround Dogs: Round 15+ dogs might spawn on normal zombie rounds so the easiest way to kill them is going to opposite side of mainframe (opposite to shieva side) and shooting them 3 bursts with the RK5 Boarding windows: If you want to play extra safe you can rebuild all barriers of windows at the end of each round by saving a zombie in order to have an extra 3 seconds to kill spawning dogs in the beginning of the round before zombies breach the windows, you can do this round 25+

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