Easter Egg Steps

Unleash the Spirits

  • Turn on the power in Power House (located near spawn) & Building 64 (Docks).
  • Build the Spectral Shield and obtain a soul blast.
  • Go up to the roof and shield blast the Volt Meter right below the “No One Escapes Alive” sign.

Shock and Denial

  • Using the Spectral Shield go into the Warden’s Office and stand right in front of the Tonic perk machine, and look into Afterlife Vision. Doing so should reveal three numbers, (two on the pillars in front of you, and one of the wall in front of you as well).
  • Enter the three numbers into the number panel down in the Citadel Tunnels (Staircase), you’ll know you’ve done this step right when the elevator in the Citadel Tunnels crashes into the ground/water below.
  • Go to the edge of the Docks where the Volt Meter is, and obtain another shield blast, and use the shield blast on the Volt Meter.
  • Wait for the crane to bring the net over the box right next to the Volt Meter, and then throw your Hell’s Retriever at the net, (does not have to be charged), in doing so should drop a skeleton hand on the box with a spoon in it’s hand.
  • Hold the interact button and pick up the spoon. You’ll know you’ve done this step correctly when instead of seeing your knife when you melee, you’ll see the spoon.
  • Go to the Warden’s House, and upstairs where the Titan wall-buy is, hit your melee button on the wall right across from the barrier, in doing so you should put a bunch of cracks/scratches onto that wall.
  • There are two ways you can do Shock and Denial from this point on.

Option #1

  • You will need Brutus’ EMP slam to finish this step, which is obtained ONLY from Round 17 and up. Once you reach Round 17, you need to either wait for Brutus to spawn, or you can spawn him in by inputting 666 in the number panel in the Citadel Tunnels, (NOTE: this can only be done once per game, so do not input 666 until you are ready!). Afterwards you need to then lead Brutus to the wall that you just previously hit with the spoon and you need to sit in the corner right next to the Titan wall-buy; you then need to have Brutus do his EMP slam on you right next to that wall, (you can do this by just standing there and letting him attack you).  If done correctly, Brutus will kill himself in the process of EMP slamming you, and in turn create a hole in the damaged wall.

Option #2

  • Obtain the Monkey Bombs either from the box or the free Monkeys EE and wait for a Brutus, (in which, again, you can spawn one by putting 666 in the number panel in the Citadel Tunnels). After a Brutus has arrived, lead him to the wall that you just recently hit with the spoon and throw the Monkey Bomb right next to it. Now if he doesn’t go for it, try standing as close to the Titan wall-buy as you can; you’ll know that you’ve done this correctly when Brutus tries to smash the Monkey Bomb, and in the process, killing himself and opening the wall. This tactic is very useful for making sure you can start on lower rounds, since this basically is a shortcut that makes it to where you don’t have to wait until Round 17 to where Brutus has his EMP slam.
  • After creating a hole in the wall, walk up to the sheet in the chair and hold the interact button on it; a mini cutscene should play, and the sheet will disappear and instead will reveal the body of Brutus when he was alive, now dead in a electric chair.
  • On the table as soon as you are about to leave the room, there should be a mini orange orb laying on the table; hold the interact button and pick it up.

Pain and Guilt

  • You now need to go all the way back to spawn in the downstairs area of Richtofen’s Lab, and hold the interact button the map on the opposite wall of the cryo-pods that our Tranzit crew (Victis) are stored in. In doing so, you should now see the orange orb placed onto the map.
  • Make your way towards the Kronorium laying on the ground right in front of a barrier in the back corner of the lab. You need to then hold the interact button on the Kronorium, and in doing so the Kronorium will begin to float, but before you are able to grab it a Ghost Bird will snatch the Kronorium and fly away with it.
  • After the bird has vanished you then need to take a long stroll around the entire map with your Spectral Shield, and look for the bird using the Afterlife Vision that your shield has. While in Afterlife Vision you can hear the bird when you are close by it, and it can only be seen when in Afterlife Vision.
  • Once you have found the bird you will need to shield blast it, causing it to fly away in which you will then have to go look for it again next round. You will need to repeat this process 3 times.
  • After the 3rd time, you will need to listen for the bird sound, and look for a shining spark (can only be seen in Afterlife Vision), when you have looked at the spark you will not only hear the bird, but a man crying. This spark will spawn in the normal bird locations, but only the locations closest to the Number-Pad in the Citadel Staircase.
  • After finding the spark, you need to run down to the Number-Pad in the Citadel Staircase and enter 872 onto the Number-Pad, in doing so you will spawn a Zombie Blood. Temporal Gift will be useful in this step, but is not required.
  • After obtaining Zombie Blood, run back to where you saw the spark ALONE as too many players being around will scare the bird away and you’ll then need to look for another location next round.
  • At a distance AND while in Zombie Blood, pull out your shield and look at the spark in Afterlife Vision, you should then see the bird with the Kronorium. From that same distance throw your Hell’s Retriever at the bird. If done correctly the Kronorium should be brought to you by the retriever and should be placed at your feet.
  • Hold the interact button to pick up the Kronorium, and then run to the Warden’s Ritual Room, (the secret room you opened during Shock and Denial), and place the Kronorium on the Warden’s body in the chair by holding the interact button.
  • I will have all known locations where the bird will go listed below, but if you can’t find the bird in any of these locations just remember that this bird can literally spawn anywhere in the map, so make sure you look and listen very carefully for the bird.

Upstairs In Richtofen’s Lab

On Truck Outside of Catwalk

New Industries

New Industries Bath Next To Shock-Box

Power House Generator Next To PAP Location

Power House Near Mystery Box Location

Above Catwalk

On Pillar Next To Mystery Box Location In Recreation

Pillar Outside Playable Area In Recreation

Docks Next To Cola Machine

Docks Behind Mystery Box Location

Building 64 On Generator

Outside Building 64 On Stairs Inside a Barrier

Hanging Body On Stairs Leading Into Citadel Staircase

Citadel Number-Pad





These perks can be put in any of the 4 perk slots that best fit your preference, but I recommend setting them to be in this order:

BrewQuick Revive [Increased Health Regen; faster revive speed] – (will be located next to Power House near spawn; keeping Quick Revive here is best just because the other perks will be mostly located in the prison itself, and they will have the most use to you.)

ColaVictorious Tortoise [When your shield is out, Zombies deal damage to your shield when being hit from any side of your character, in turn doing no damage to the player] – (will be located at the old Juggernog location at Docks, it’s a stretch I know, but you’ll most likely will need to buy this perk once the whole game, so it’s best to keep it the farthest away.)

SodaDying Wish [After losing all health, player will go berserk instead of doing down; while berserk the player will be invincible or a small amount of time and will have increased damage. After berserk mode runs out, you will be at 1 HP and the perk will begin to recharge] – (will be located in Infirmary just before going up the stairs to the roof where Deadshot Daiquiri used to be. This perk is probably the most useful and will need to be in a place that you may be close to while doing this EE.)

Tonic (w/ Modifier)Stamina-Up [Faster sprint speed – Tonic Modifier: Stamina-Up will grant you unlimited full-sprint speed and will grant you the ability to shoot while sprinting; modifier is only obtained after buying all 4 perks] – (will be located in Warden’s Office where Speed Cola used to be. Keeping this as the modifier will help you move around the map extremely fast, and due to the size of Blood, it will be needed definitely.)

Hell’s Retriever

The Hell’s Retriever will be needed for this Easter Egg.

For you to obtain the retriever, you must:

  • Find 3 red drawings of dog heads around the map and you must kill a Zombie in front of them, if done correctly, a demon dog head will come out of the drawing and will suck up the body of the Zombie you killed.
  • After the dog appears you must then continue feeding the dog more Zombies by killing them one-by-one in front of the dog; after a few Zombies have been fed, the dog will go back into the drawing and will make it glow.
  • After that dog is fed you must now go feed the remaining dogs.

The locations of the dog heads can be found below:

New Industries

Cell Block

Warden’s House

  • After you have successfully fed all 3 dogs, go over to the fast travel gates in either the Warden’s House or the Showers and use them.
  • While you are traveling you should pass by the retriever, just simply hold the interact button while flying by it to pick it up.

Spectral Shield & Attuned Spectral Shield – (Upgraded Shield)

The Upgraded Shield is not needed for the Easter Egg, however it will help you a ton, so I suggest obtaining it sometime during your play through.

To obtain the Attuned Spectral Shield you must first build the original Spectral Shield.

The locations for the parts to the shield will be listed below:

Warden’s Key

Spectral Essence

Cell Door

I would personally build the shield up above the Cell Block near where Electric Cherry used to be, but mostly because you’ll be near that area for most of the game, and one Easter Egg step will spawn you right next to it if you build it there so you will be able to grab a fresh one before doing that step.

Now that you have built the Spectral Shield, you can officially begin to obtain the Attuned Spectral Shield.

  • First things first is that you must obtain the Hell’s Retriever and gather up a fair bit of points.
  • After you have obtained the retriever and some points you then want to go to the mystery box and spin the box until you get the lock.
  • Once you get the lock, you need to shock it with your shield key until the keyhole turns blue. Once it turns blue keep your shield out and throw your retriever, (does not have to be charged before hand), at the lock and if done correctly, you should get an animation for pulling out the shield and the name of the shield in the bottom right corner will now be Attuned Spectral Shield.

Note: Only one player needs to shock the lock, but everyone can throw their retriever once the keyhole is blue and obtain the shield all at the same time; (I’d pull out your shield every time you spin for a weapon just because enable for you to get the blue keyhole you have to be shocking the lock for a bit.)

The Attuned Spectral Shield will now let you have 4 shield blasts instead of the previous 2 and is very useful during the challenge parts of the Easter Egg.

Note #2: If you need shield blasts, but you don’t want to kill anymore Zombies, you can get all of your blasts by going around the map looking for the original afterlife boxes and holding interact with the one that sparks. You can do this only once per round and the spark changes to another box every round.

Click here to see all of the Afterlife Shock-box locations


The main elixirs I would bring while playing solo or co-op would basically be anything that keeps the Zombies away or slows them down, just due to the sheer amount that can spawn during challenges and EE steps. My normal Elixir setup for Solo & Co-Op games is as follows:

  • Anywhere But Here [Teleports player to a random location] – (this Elixir can not only get you across the map faster, but it can also help you escape getting trapped by Zombies and going down when weapons and specialists don’t cut it.)
  • Temporal Gift [Powerups last longer] – (this Elixir is really only useful for the Zombie Blood step, since it lets you basically have more time to get to the last bird, but if you happen to get a double points early on and want to try and get more points and get everything opened early then go crazy with it.)
  • Undead-Man Walking [Brings all Zombies to shambling speed] – (if you’ve ever played Gorod Krovi, you know just how useful this actually is, and for Blood of the Dead this is no exception. This Elixir is most useful for the challenges, mostly the New Industries Challenge, and can really assist you in completing them with no issues.)
  • Random [Basically a free space, go crazy in choosing whichever Elixir you want] – (There really is no need for anymore elixirs, so just put whatever you want here, anything that could either help the team, yourself, or just in assisting with making the EE go easier.)


Really I personally don’t use a Talisman, just because there isn’t one that I need to use, but I would prefer for you to get a Talisman that gives you either your most expensive perk, or the one located at the Docks, (which is Cola), just because it saves you a trip to the Docks just for a perk.


For the equipment, I personally would run Acid Grenades or Wraith Fire, just because they don’t take long to activate,  and they don’t take away too much HP when thrown at your feet. Wraith Fire does no damage to players, but there is only two of them in your inventory at a time; Acid Grenades allow you to hold 3 at a time normally, and can stick to surfaces including players and Zombies; Talismans can change how many you can hold, but there is really no need to equip an extra grenade Talisman. The specialists I would prefer running would be either the Path of Sorrows or the Ragnarok DG-5  just because they can clear the area of Zombies quite efficiently and can help you easily revive players when maxed out on Co-Op.

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