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  1. Open up your way to the other side of the map (Poop Deck) to obtain the Sentinel Artifact
  2. Unlock Pack-A-Punch by finding 4 PAP Pedestals across the map
  3. Find 6 Clocks across the map. Clock Locations:

    Watch Video of All Clock Locations

  4. After unlocking PAP 4 of the Clocks time will change
  5. An Elemental Symbol will appear at 4 different locations around the map. Symbol Locations:
    • Mailroom
    • Captains Bridge
    • Grand Staircase
    • 1st Class Lounge
    • Galley (Kitchen)
    • 3rd Class

    Watch Video of All Symbol Locations

  6. Locate the bridge, in front of the Captain’s Wheel you will find 4 Turnable Dials
  7. The Dials will have the Elemental Symbols on them relating to a Clock with the same symbol
  8. These Dials will have 2 hands on them, One Big Hand that you can interact with and a small hand
  9. The Big Hand represents minutes and the Small Hand represents hours
  10. To move the hour hands  on all dials, you need to interact with minute hands on the dials found at Poop Deck and Engine room.
  11. Align the dials at the bridge to the minutes and hours of the clocks with same elemental symbol
  12. When properly aligned with the clocks you will hear a noise and no longer be able to interact with dials
  13. Around the map there will be power outlets, 4 of the outlets will have a different symbol. Outlet Locations:

    Watch a Video on All Outlet Locations

  14. You need to kill an elemental Catalyst of the same element next to the outlet(1 Catalyst Per Round)
  15. When done correctly there will be a ritual symbol on the ground where you killed the Catalyst(Complete Rituals in the following order Acid-Water-Electric-Fire)
  16. Have every player stand on the Ritual Symbol and it will start to glow
  17. You need to have every player hold the interact button to be teleported into a trial where you need to kill every enemy.
  18. When done correctly your screen will turn grey and will be able to pick up the Sentinel Artifact
  19. Do this for all 4 ritual circles and when completed you will receive the Real Sentinel Artifact
  20. Shoot the leaking blue pipes by the Turbine Room with the Jormungandr’s Fang (Poison variant of the Kraken)
  21. Once you have shot them the water will start leaking and put out the fires
  22. Place Artifact in the Pack-A-Punch(Pack Must Be in Boiler Room)
  23. There are 9 symbols around the map representing Sun, Moon, and planets of the solar system (Interact with each symbol). Locations:

    Watch Video of All Planet Symbol Locations

  24. Lower the water in Cargo Hold and this will reveal a model of the solar system (interact with solar system model and the planets will flash, take note of what order they flash in)
  25. Holograms of the Sun and the planets will appear in the sky outside ( the planet Neptune does not appear in the sky, it appears in the water in the spawn room)
  26. You must shoot these holograms in the order they flashed on the solar system model
  27. Neptune will need to poke out of water before shooting it
  28. When you shoot a planet a blue orb will spawn and fly to original location of its symbol
  29. A timer starts and you need to find the planet before it expires (the timer is very short, have friends waiting at each planet location)
  30. Repeat for each planet in the order until you reach the sun
  31. Make sure all players are at the spawn room and have someone shoot the sun
  32. All players need to interact with the blue orb at the same time, your screen will turn white and a timer will begin
  33. Ice Blocks will block your pathing all across the map, you must destroy these blocks and make your way to the other side of the boat
  34. Once you reach the end of the boat you need to destroy the last ice block located at the end of the Poop Deck where you first obtain the Sentinel Artifact
  35. Your screen will turn white and a red symbol will spawn on the ground (this symbol teleports you to you to the boss fight)

Perk Locations

Watch Video On All Perk Locations



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