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Alright so for you to be able to complete the Ancient Evil Easter Egg you need to Locate and Upgrade the Wonder Weapons. But to Be able to Build the wonder weapons you will also need to locate the Dormant Hands to start the Process.

Here are all 20 Possible Dormant Hand Locations

Now you can use these Dormant Hands to be able to Craft and Upgrade the God Hands that you choose. These Dormant hands will spawn in any 4 of these 20 locations. A Quick way to locate the next Dormant Hand Location is head to the Temple and She will tell you were the next one is located. Just keep in Mind you can only hold onto one hand at a time.

Stoa of Athenians

So there are 2 possible Spawn locations within the Stoa of Athenians. These Both are gonna be with a Vase. The First Location is located to the Right of the Boat on Table. Then the final location is gonna be located at the Water Feeder on the edge.

Intersection of Treasuries

There are a total of 3 possible spawn locations for the Dormant hand to spawn in the Intersection of Treasuries. The First possible spawn location is located at the base of the sword. The second location is embedded within the crystal which is located right outside the RA perk area. The Final one is located in a pile of Dirt near the Garden Bed.

Spartan Monument

There are 4 Dormant Hand Spawn Locations within the Spartan Monument. The First locations is to the right of the Zeus Perk near the edge by the Statues. The second location is a vase beside the statue right before you go down the stairs. The Third one sits in a vase sitting behind the Column. The final is located in a pile of rocks right up the stairs from the Zeus Perk near the edge.

Center of the World

There is only 2 spawn locations for the Dormant Hand within the Center of the World. The First is located behind the Pack a Punch sitting below the portal. The Second of is located in front of Pack A Punch near the Edge.

Rivers of Sorrow

There are 2 spawn locations within the Rivers of Sorrow. The First is a pile of rocks at bottom of the first set of steps when you spawn into underworld. Now the Second is Pile of dirt near the perk machine.

Python Pass

There is a total of 3 Dormant Hand Spawn Locations in the Python Pass. The First is Before you get to Center of the World on the right Beside green flame it is embedded into the Crystal. The Second is Another one that’s embedded into a crystal which is located to the left of the titan wall buy. The Final one is another pile of rocks near the Mystery Box Location.

Cliff Ruins

As far as the Cliff Ruins There is only 4 total spawn locations. The first is a Pile of rocks located to the left of the bird cage. Next is a Vase Located on Bridge Between Ruins and Pack A Punch. The Third is A Pile of Rocks beside the Forge Machine. The last is A Vase Located on the Table near the crafting table for the Pegasus Strike.

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