1. Get to Diner AreaWatch Step – Grab the Axe located on the wall before you exit the spawn room as you will need it to chop down a tree to get to the diner area.
  2. Help SquirrelWatch Step – Help the squirrel located outside of the trailer park after the second door buy along the fencing on the right.
  3. Feed Deer Head SoulsWatch Step – Fill 3 deer heads around the map by killing zombies near them.
  4. Repair Santas Sleigh – Head to the Garage and look up at the sleigh on car lift to repair it.
  5. Escort Raindeer – Watch Step – Escort all 4 reindeer to stables in reindeer farm by defending them from direwolves. (make sure pathway from reindeer to Reindeer Farm is Accessible)
  6. Enter Boss Fight – Once you have completed these steps the Lake Area will open. Head down to the sleighs, now you can choose to ride the sleighs to the boss fight or buy the map ending for 50k.

Note: Boss fight includes three phases. Two phases in the light, and one in the dark. This fight contains you killing explosive candy cane balls, explosive elves and skeletons. After finishing off these enemies on each phase, the boss (Santa) will spawn in and you will need to deal damage to him until he drops to the ground. Then you will need to cure him and repeat for each phase.


  1. Open Portal – Watch Step – You will need to locate all 7 power switches and turn them on for the portal for Pack-A-Punch to open underneath the diner sign.
  2. Fill Deer Heads – Watch Step – locations listed in Easter Egg above. (You will need to do this in order for the fuses to spawn on the map.
  3. Find 2 fuses located around the map.
  4. Go through the portal located under the Diner sign after obtaining the two fuses.
  5. Insert the 2 fuses into the projector which will turn on Pack-A-Punch.

Unlock Secret Room

  1. Locate 12 Bells Around the Map and Shoot them
  2. Once you Hit all 12 Bells you will see on the Screen you have Unlocked a Secret Room.
  3. Now Head back to Spawn Area and a part of the Floor is now open to reveal the secret room.



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