Return to Das Herrenhaus Easter Egg Steps and Guides Black Ops 3 Custom Zombies

Main Easter Egg Steps

1. Turn on Power

First you are gonna need to Turn on the Power and Link the Teleportal. The Power switch is located in the Boiler Room. The First Teleportal is located in the boiler room the second is located in the Dinning Hall.

2. Teleport to Samantha’s Room

Now Leaving the Levers down on teleportal ride it to the first room and stand beside the missing bricks and you will begin taking damage then it will teleport you to Samantha’s Room. Locate the Music box and Interact with it. Note: This will Spawn in Hitler.

3. Complete All 4 Quests

Now You Will Need to Complete the 4 Quests. You can complete these in any order or all at once.

4. Plane Quest

Hit Interact with Samantha twice to get her to appear. She will be to the Left of the Shield Crafting table. Once She appears Interact with her Again to Activate the next Step. Now you will Need to Locate 4 Radios That will Play Morse Code by Shooting them. Input Each Morse code in the Machine in the small building in the Gardens.

After you enter all 4 Morse Codes Interact with Morse Code Machine Again to Call in Air Strike. Once Completed you will now be able to obtain the Strange Fuse within the Bunker. HINT: Keep left Lever up and all others down to teleport to Bunker.

5. Clock Quest

Interact with Samantha twice to get her to appear which she is located on the top floor of the Library near the stairs. Samanth will then run to the clock and disappear. Now you will need to interact with clock around the map in the order below. If you got the correct clock it will lightup.

  1. Library on the Top Floor
  2. Dining Hall to the Right side of the Trap
  3. In the Greenhouse Building
  4. School Board Near the Mystery Box
  5. Cloister Area Across from Speed Cola Perk

Now the Strange Looking Fuse can be obtained from the clock in the middle of the staircase in the spawn area.

6. Tardis Quest

Interact with Samantha Twice which she Located in the Boiler Room, to the left of the entrance to the Tunnels. Interact with samantha again and she will run over to the power box and dispear. Now you will need to Obtain a Hammer around the map. There are 2 locations that I know about at the moment for a hammer One is located to the Left on the Teleporter and the other is on the desk chair at spawn at the bottom of the steps. Now you need to repair the power switches around the map in any order.

Now head back to were you found Samatha in the Boiler Room and interact with the Panel. Now Obtain the Strange Fuse from that same Panel.

7. Spider Quest

The Heart Key Quest will need to be obtained to complete this step. Interact with Samantha Twice she is crying located in the Boiler Room, to the right of the door right inside boiler room. You will need to Interact with the Coffins until you get this order. Now you can obtain the Strange Looking Fuse which is obtained from the largest coffin in the same room.

8. Fill Strange Fuse

Now you will need to locate 4 Lion Heads around the map and place a strange fuse within its mouth. Now you will need to kill up to 20 zombies nearby to fill each fuse up.

Once you have all 4 fuses filled up you now take them to the in the 4 empty sockets to the right of Mule Kick and to the Left of the Teleporter Link.

9. Teleport Hitler

Head to the Central Console in the Boiler room and interact with it to Start Simon Says Game. You will need to complete this 4 times. Once completed you will need to Interact with the Central console again to input the codes. Now go down to first floor of Boiler room and Interact with the Machine that the strange fuses are inputed into. Now a new portal will appear. Now locate hitler and bring him to this portal he will disappear and all players will be giving a Blundergat.

10. Follow Samantha

Samantha will appear in boiler room and you will need to follow her to the Teleporter in Dinig hall. You can now interact with the teleporter to Complete the Easter Egg.

Pack A Punch

  1. Turn On Power(Steps Listed Above)
  2. Link The Transporter
  3. Obtain The Bunker Fuse By Transporting to Bunker. In Second Room will Be the Fuse.
  4. Teleport Back to Bunker and Place Fuse Into Generator
  5. Locate Missing Teleporter Lever(Inside the Bunker)
    • Bunker 1
    • Bunker 2
    • Bunker 3
  6. Build the Lever to the Screen of the Transporter
  7. Set the Screen to Cross and Transport to Pack(Will Need to Pay 250 to Open Pack Door)

Shield Piece Locations

  1. Support Piece
    • Gardens
    • Power Area
    • Laying Beside Chest
  2. Bottom Piece
    • Cloister
    • Dining Hall
    • Classroom Wing
  3. Face Plate Piece
    • The Library

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