BLACK OPS 4: TITLE UPDATE 1.12 | What’s New, Future Features, and IX Gauntlet!!

Treyarch has just released Title Update 1.12 to Black Ops 4 and with that comes new additions to Zombies!!

Listed below will be what was added in update 1.12 including all the challenges for the new gauntlet map! Also included will be future features that Treyarch is planning on adding shortly after the update is live!


  • Classic and Battle Pass Weapons are now available in the Mystery Box! Weapons like the MP-40, Grav (Galil), Daemon 3XB, SWAT RFT, & the KAP-45 are now in Zombies and all have obtainable Zombies camos!
  • The second gauntlet map has been added called “Veni, Vidi, Zombie!” set in IX. This gauntlet adds in 30 new challenges for 30 rounds!

Future Features

  • Treyarch are planning on adding support for Mastery Camos (Gold, Diamond, Dark Matter) into Zombies shortly after the 1.12 update is live, as well as support for Mastercraft, Reactive, and Black Market Camos into the Armory!

Gauntlet Challenges – Veni, Vidi, Zombie!

  1. What’s the Point – Taking Any Damage Drains All of Your Points
  2.  Speed Demons – Survive an Onslaught of Sprinters
  3.  Straight Shooter – Missed Shots Hurt
  4.  Ride Shotgun – Use the MOG12 Shotgun Only
  5.  Shielded – Posses the Shield at the End of the Round
  6.  Open Sesame – Open All Doors
  7.  By the Horns – Shield Attacks Only
  8.  Creeper – Weapons and Elixirs
  9.  IX Lives – Sacrifice 9 Gladiators on the Dias
  10.  Temple of Gloom – Defend the Temple
  11.  Shoot From the Hip – Hip Fire Only
  12.  Slowpoke – Sprinting is Disabled
  13. Pack It In – Pack-a-Punch Two Different Weapons during the Round
  14.  Board to Death – Earn 1000 Points from Boarding Openings
  15. When in Rome – Defend the Bath House
  16.  Perks of the Job – Complete the Round with 3 Active Perks
  17.  Shotgun Wedding – Use the MOG12 Shotgun Only
  18.  Heads Up – Kill Zombies with Headshots Only
  19.  IX Minutes in Hell – Survive for Nine Minutes
  20.  Coliseum Carnage – Defend the Area
  21.  You Made Your Point(s) – Damage to You Causes Points Drain
  22.  Packing Heat – Posses 2 Fully-Packed Weapons at the End of the Round
  23.  Easy, Tiger – Survive the Tiger Offensive
  24.  Feeling Trapped – Kill Zombies with Traps
  25.  Into The Pit – Defend the Pit
  26.  Weapon Roulette – Your Guns Randomly Swap, and All Buys Are Disabled
  27.  Give It Your Best Shot(gun) – Use the MOG12 Shotgun Only
  28.  Perk-o-Late – End the Round with all 4 Perks
  29.  The Whole IX Yards – Reach Each of the Destinations in Time
  30.  … in the room – Defeat the Elephant

Note: For Round 22, don’t use dual-wield Saug 9mm, for it will break the challenge.

Note #2: On Round 22, the PAP Death of Orion does count as a “fully-packed” weapon.

Down below will be a video by TheGamingRevolution showing off the DLC weapons in Zombies!! Make sure to show him some love!!


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