Main Easter Egg Steps

  1. Turn on Power(located to the Left of Hotel)
  2. Complete up to Wave 12 Last Ghost Zombie Will Drop Key for Church
  3. Unlock Pack A Punch(Steps Listed Below)
  4. Go through Portal in Church to Obtain the Bow.
  5. Shoot 2 Soul Boxes With Bow/Flame. Locations:
  6. Fill 3 Soul Boxes. After Each one will drop a part. Obtain it. Locations
  7. Now you will need to Have all Players in the Blue Circle and Interact
  8. Now you will have infinite Dogs and Zombies Spawn and also Arthur Leroy
  9. Kill Arthur Leroy
  10. The Final Part will Drop at Spawn Area. Obtain it.
  11. Head to the Barn and Place all Parts in the Vehicle

Shield Part Locations

  1. Skull
  2. Window
  3. Pelvis

Watch a Video of all Shield Piece Locations


  1. Locate 2 Skulls – Skull Locations:
  2. Place the Skulls in the graveyard and get the barn key which will spawn soon after. Be careful of the mini boss that will spawn in too.
  3. Once you got the barn key and killed the Werewolf, go over to the barn and open the panel. This will open to a 3 digit number code lock. The numbers will spawn in the map, always in these locations.
  4. Input these number (in their corresponding colour place) and voila! The door should open revealing pack a punch

Watch Video Guide on How to Unlock Pack-A-Punch


  1. Unlock Pack A Punch(Steps Listed Above)
  2. Melee Wood Stove In Pack A Punch to Activate. Then Melee All Stoves around Map.
  3. Now Melee Stove Pipe Near Fireplace in Spawn Area(Melee Towards the Top of it)
  4. Obtain The Blundergat from Mystery Box
  5. Place in Fireplace at Spawn
  6. Wait a Few Minutes and You Will Be able to Pick Up The Magmagat

Watch Video Guide Steps on Obtaining the Magmagat

Acid Gat

  1. First Located 2 Parts Around the Map
    1. Engine
    2. Acid
      1. At Undertaker under the Staircase
      2. At Sheriffs office on the right side
  2. Now you Will Need to Build it at a Table
  3. Now Obtain Blundergat from Mystery Box
  4. Now Build it at the Acid Gat Table

Watch Video Guide On Acid Gat

Great Scott Wonder Weapon

  1. Unlock Pack A Punch(Steps Listed Above)
  2. Obtain Molotov’s From Around the Map
  3. Throw Molotov’s At the Bells
  4. Now Head to the Pack A Punch Area/Barn and Obtain Great Scott on Table.

Watch Video on Steps for Great Scott

Annihilator Wonder Weapon

  1. Unlock Pack A Punch(Steps Listed Above)
  2. Need to Pack A Punch a Weapon
  3. Shoot the Bell on Church With Packed Weapon
  4. Now You Will Need to Shoot 5 Clock Locations Around Map
  5. Once you Shoot All Clocks you can now Obtain Annihilator at the Spawn.

Watch Video on Steps to Obtain Annihilator

Thundergun Wonder Weapon

  1. Unlock Pack A Punch(Steps Listed Above)
  2. Kill Dr. Brown Before he DeSpawns
  3. He Will Drop the Thundergun

Wunderwaffe Wonder Weapon

  1. Obtain Key for Pack-A-Punch Barn
  2. Enter Code 935 in the panel to receive a free Wunderwaffe.

Shovel Locations

Music Easter Egg

  1. Obtain Key for Pack-A-Punch Barn
  2. Enter Code 115 in the panel. Rusty cage by Johnny Cash will start playing.

How to Open Blacksmith Area

To Unlock the Blacksmith area you will need to follow the steps of the Annihilator Wonder Weapon. Once you get to the final clock to be able to obtain the Annihilator the Doors to the Blacksmith Area will now be open.

Easter Egg Steps Video Done in 60 Seconds

Watch Entire Easter Egg Completed

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