1. Build the Spectral Shield
  2. Absorb 3 Souls and then Soul Blast at the power box on the roof(Turns On Pack-A-Punch)
  3. Obtain the Spoon or Spork
  4. In the Wardens House Spoon/Spork the wall on the left, upstairs.
  5. Get to Round 18 Take Brutus to His House have him Slam you Near Knifed Wall(Wardens Ritual Room Opens) HINT: Monkeys Make Him Stomp Early
  6. Enter Room and Activate the lever next to the Electric Chair
  7. Obtain the Red Orb on one of the Table
  8. Place the Red Rock into the map in Richtofen’s Laboratory
  9. Interact/Pick Up the Kronorium
  10. Shoot 4 Birds Around Map(Must Look Through Shield to See Them Shoot With Shield Blast for the First 3 can shoot Once Per Round)
    • CatwalkAbove Entrance
    • Cell Block – Electric Cherry
    • Cell Block – Monkey Bomb Statue below Dog location
    • Cell Block3rd Floor Near Table
    • Citadel Tunnels – Downstairs from Warden’s Office
    • Citadel Tunnels – Hanging body right of number pad
    • Citadel Tunnels – Number pad
    • Citadel Tunnels – Sandbags
    • Citadel Tunnels – Walkway alongside Power Room near left Barrier
    • Docks – Perk Machine
    • Library – Top of shelf with Radio
    • Michigan Avenue – Voltmeter opposite of Warden’s Office
    • Recreation Yard – Top of pillar
    • Richtofen’s Laboratory – 2nd Floor
    • Roof – Doorway
    • RoofLeft of Pack A Punch Area
    • ShowersWashing Machine
    • Times SquareAbove Entrance to Cafeteria
    • Eagle Plaza – On Stone
    • West Grounds – Top of the Truck
  11. Look Through The Shield at Locations around the Citadel Tunnels.  When you Find the 4th Bird Location you will see a sparkle and Laughter Sound.
  12. Enter 872 on the Number Pad to Obtain Zombie Blood
  13. Rush Back to the 4th Bird Location look at it quickly through the shield and then use your Hell’s Retriever to hit it.
  14. Bird Will Drop Kronorium(Go Ahead and Obtain it)
  15. Place the Kronorium at the Body in the Warden’s Ritual Room
  16. Aim your shield at it to see the Numbers Written in the Kronorium
  17. Input those numbers into the number pad in the Citadel Tunnels.
  18.  The lighthouse will shine on a spot, using your shield you can see a portal that when spirit blasted will spawn without the need of the shield.
  19. You Will Need to Complete 5 Challenges But Failing this step requires you to get a new code from the kronorium.

    The Docks – Watch Video

    • Lamp in Warden’s House Will Emit Morse Code
    • Put the Morse Code in Device In Cage Near Part For Acidgat
    • When Done Correctly Will Spawn a Ghost Boat at Docks(Can Only See With Shield)
    • Head to the Infirmary and Kill a zombie Near the Medical Table(Will Turn Him into Ghost)
    • Spirit Blast The Ghost to Activate the Soul Box
    • Continue Killing Zombies Near the Ghost Until All Players Can Activate the Ghost
    • Ghost Will Begin to Move Escort to the Ghost Boat at Docks

    The Power House – Watch Video

    • Shield Blast the Orb at The Power House
    • Now Head to Building 64 Go to Back of Room Interact with Generator
    • The Room Will Go Black and Simon Says Game Will Begin(Repeat 5 Sets)
    • Once Done 3 Panels will Light Up and Room Lights Will Turn Back On(Remember Which 3 Lights up)
    • Write Down Symbols on the 3 Power Box that Lights Up
    • Grab the Punch Card Off the Shelf(In Middle Near Candles)
    • Head to Upstairs Spawn Area and Place this card into the Gorod Krovi Computer
    • The Monitors Should Now Light Up With Symbols Match Them With Symbols From Spawn Power Room Area.
    • Now Head to the Power Room and Shield Blast the Ghost when He Goes to Pull The lever You Matched(Ghost Now Visible  Outside Shield)
    • Repeat for Next 2 Symbols that Where Lit Up at Building 64
    • Pick Up Red Orb Once all Completed In front of last Lever

    Michigan Avenue

    • Locate the Ghost Within the Cafeteria
    • Spirit Blast the Ghost
    • All Players Escort and Defend Ghost Until it Reaches the Portal at Michigan Ave

    New Industries – Watch Video

    • Locate the Ghost Within Prison
    • Spirit Blast the Ghost
    • Use Shield Key to Drain Ghost Until he Turns Red
    • The Ghost Makes His Way to New Industries
    • Kill The Ghost with the Trap in New Industries

    Showers – Watch Video

    • Shield Blasst the Ghost Near Orb With Banjo
    • Interact With Ghost to Obtain the Banjo
    • Stand Within the Blue Circles on Ground and Prevent Taking Damage and Kill Zombies to Collect Souls
    • After Each Sets Of Circles Give Banjo Back to Ghost and Repeat
    • Finally Return The Banjo Back to Ghost
  20. Place the Red Stones in the Map in Richtofen’s Lab
  21. All Players Navigate to the Warden’s Ritual Room and Stand by the Electric Chair
  22. Summoning Key Will Appear Above Kronorium and Cutscene Will Begin(Locked Inside Cells)
  23. Bird Will Spawn and Unlock the Cage Grab your Shield and Equipment from Bag
  24. Follow The Bird back to Richtofen’s Lab
  25. After Cutscene Obtain Orb Left Behind Warden and Place on Map in Lab.
  26. The Map Will Burn A SPreviously Sealed Door Will Now Open
  27. Head to the Top of Stairs and Each Player Stand on the Lights That Arent Lite.
  28. Now All Players Interact With the Door to Enter Boss Fight

Easter Egg Song

Input ‘115’ into the Number Pad in the Citadel Tunnels.


  • The West Side Power Switch is located in the Power House.
  • The East Side Power is located in Building 64.

Golden Spoon/Spork

  1. Get the Warden Key
  2. Build the shield
  3. Go into the Warden‘s Office and look at 3 papers on the pillars. It will show 3 numbers
  4. Open the number box next to the elevator with warden‘s key
  5. Shock the number panel with the shield after collecting souls
  6. Enter the code from the Warden‘s office
  7. Get the Hell‘s Retriever
  8. Collect souls and shock the panel at the docks (crane)
  9. The crane will go onto the dock and the net will have the skeleton in it.
  10. Throw the Hell‘s Retriever at the Skeleton in the net.
  11. Pick up the spoon on the box under the net
  12. Lay the spoon into the bathtub in the Infirmary
  13. Get kills on the roof with the Acidgat/Magmagat. When done correctly the tub will start filling with blood. When it’s filled enough the tub will drain and the spork will disappear.
  14. Shoot Hinges Off Water Tower Tank
  15. Throw your Hell’s Retriever at the bottom of the water tower Valve on the Catwalk.
  16. You Have Now Obtained the Spork

Spectral Shield

  1. Obtain the Essence which can be found one of the Power Box’s.
  2. Obtain the Door Piece
    • China Alley
    • Citadel Tunnels
    • Citadel Tunnels
  3. Obtain the Key(Obtained When Brutus is Killed).

Attuned Spectral Shield

  1. Obtain the Spectral Shield and Hell’s Retriever.
  2. Locate and use a Mystery Box until a Lock is rewarded by the Box.
  3. Quickly equip the Spectral Shield and absorb energy from the lock using the Shield’s Key attack until the keyhole is blue.
  4. Throw the Hell’s Retriever at the lock to collect it.
  5. The Lock will now be Present on the front of the newly-named Attuned Spectral Shield. The Shield can now withstand an extra 200 damage and holds an extra 2 Spirit Blasts.


  1. First Way
    • Obtain Out of the Mystery Box
  2. Second Way
    • Collect 5 Skulls around the map, locations below, by throwing the Hell’s Retriever.
      • Eagle Plaza pole
      • C-D Street cell
      • West Grounds
      • Docks
      • Roof
    • Navigate to the Warden’s Office and equip the Blundergat on the table.


  1. Obtain the Blundergat and Warden’s Key.
  2. Obtain the Case Piece located in the Transverse Tunnel.
  3. Unlock the door and obtain the motor piece located in the Sally Port.
  4. Unlock the cage and obtain the acid bottle piece located in the Infirmary.
  5. Navigate to a building table and craft the Acidgat Kit.
  6. Activate the kit to place the Blundergat within, after a few seconds the Acidgat can be obtained from the kit.


  1. Obtain the Blundergat
  2. Navigate to the Warden’s House, place the Blundergat in the fireplace.
  3. Kill Zombies Inside Wardens House and Collect Orbs Dropped Until All 3 Skulls Above Fireplace have Blue Flame Then Interact With Skulls
  4. Obtain the Blundergat from the Fireplace
  5. Without Firing the Blundergat Transfer the Flame From The gun to Barrels in This Order as Fast as Possible(If Flame Goes out you need to restart)
    • Cell Block Entrance
    • Michigan Avenue
    • Recreation Yard
    • West Grounds
  6. Navigate to the New Industried and Place Blundergat into the Press
  7. Obtain the Magmagat

Hell’s Retriever

  1. Locate All 3 Hellhound Marks
    • New Industries
    • Cell Block 2nd Floor
    • Eagle Plaza
  2. Kill Zombies Around Hellhound Marks Until Hellhound Disappears(Let Him finish eating Before Killing Another)

Kill Zombies near the marking to summon a hellhound, continue to kill Zombies until the hellhound has eaten the required amount of disappears.

  • Fast Travel from Wardens House to Showers(Pick Up Hell’s Retriebe on Rock during Travel)

Hell’s Redeemer

  1. Obtain the Hell’s Retriever and Spectral Shield.
  2. Head to the Reacreation Yard and Kill Zombies Using the Hells Retriever(Near the Swordfish Wallbuy)
  3. Locate the Blue HellHoud Mark Using the Shield Vision
  4. Progress Until a Dog Round
  5. Locate A Dog Ghost Around Map Follow The Paw Prints(The Dog Will Be Visiable with Spectral Shield)
  6. Spirit Blast the Dog
  7. Take Fast Travel from Wardens House to Showers(During Travel Pick Up Hells Redeember on Rock)



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