Main Easter Egg

To Get the Cutscene You will need to Complete a total Number of 150 Rounds. Now the best way to do this is run in Cartoon Mode to reduce your risk for Bluescreening.


Watch the Ending Cutscene

Punch Card Locations

  1. In Drawer in the Central Filing Room.
  2. On keyboard of a typewriter
  3. On Shelf of reels, in between the two Defcon switches on the top floor of the War Room.
  4. Sitting in between two machines, near where the reader of the punch cards is.
  5. Stuck to a Target with a knife, near a barrier in the Weapons Testing Room.
  6. Sticking out of a Book in the Panic Room.
  7. On a box in the corner of the Pack-a-Punch portion of Groom Lake, next to the lantern.

Crooked Photo’s

  1. Interact with five crooked paintings.
  2. Interact with the blank painting in the War Room.


  1. Pick up 3 Teleporter pieces around the map
  2. Build the Teleporter at a buildable table
  3. Place Teleporter Signal Amplifier

Teleporter Piece Locations

  1. Main Offices
  2. Main Offices
  3. Main Offices
  4. Panic Room
  5. Morgue
  6. Morgue

Project Skadi

  1. Knock on Door in Spawn Area(Several Times Until Sam Talks)
  2. Obtain four codes throughout the map and enter in the code terminal in the war room in this order(Follow Codes For Terminal Locations)
  3. Enter your numbers into the machine once this is done the screen will confirm you are done and travel to PAP
  4. Survive 3 waves inside of Groom Lake Area 51 until the barricade beside the PAP opens letting you open the case to get a free Winters Howl and the achievement(only the person that picks up the winters howl will get this achievement, you will need to do this again for multiple people.

 Codes For Terminal Locations

  1. Behind the George Washington Name Plate(Shoot the Photos Near With a Explosive Weapon in order Middle, Left, Right)
  2. Grab the Key in the War Room
  3. Open the Drawer in Main Office
  4. Throw Frag Grenade Through Window Behind The Teleporter Object in South Laboratories(Plate With Code Will Spawn to the Right of Window on Wall)
  5. Activate the defcon switches in this order of Upstairs across elevator, Server Room, Upstairs near elevator, Downstairs. Enter teleporter to panic room and interact with static TV near old PAP to receive fourth and final code

Power Switch Location

The Power Switch is Located in the South Laboratories.

Trap Piece Locations

  1. Server Room
  2. Server Room
  3. Server Room
  4. Porcine Research
  5. Porcine Research
  6. Porcine Research

Watch Video On All Trap Part Locations

Riot Shield Piece Locations

  1. Central Filing
  2. Central Filing
  3. War Room: Lower Level
  4. War Room: Lower Level
  5. War Room: Lower Level
  6. South Laboratories
  7. South Laboratories
  8. South Laboratories

Perk Locations

  1. Perk Brew – Main Offices
  2. Perk Cola – War Room: Lower Level
  3. Perk Soda – South Laboratories
  4. Perk Tonic – Porcine Research

Easter Egg Song

For the Easter Egg Song you will need to press the Interactive button on Several Bottles Around the Map.

  1. Central Filing
  2. Porcine Research
  3. War Room: Lower Level

Audio Clip Locations

  1. Central Filing
  2. Server Room
  3. Main Offices



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