Easter Egg Steps

  1. Unlock Pack A Punch(Steps Listed Below)
  2. Obtain the Silver Bullets(Steps Listed Below)
  3. Look Through Crystals as Done to Unlock Pack. On interaction, you should see one of the following three images (A knight, a circular object and a pile of twigs)
  4. Complete the 3 Challenge in order You Seen on Interaction with Crystal
    1. Knights Challenges
      1. Insert the Fire Gate Energy Core in the machine at the Library. After inserting the core, interact with the machine. Shoot at the fire with a charged annihilator shot. The fire should go blue. Now enter the fire with your shield out and you should see blue fire effects on your shield. Now you have to ignite four fireplaces in three iterations using the melee with your shield. This part has no order assigned to it. The fireplace will stay lit when you got the right one. This part is also time-based. Collect the part at the last fireplace when you’ve completed the set (All fireplaces in the set have to be on fire).
      2. First set: Smoking Room, Library (Right and Left), Billiards.
      3. Second set: Main Hall (Left and Right), East Gallery, West Gallery.
      4. Third set: Master Bedroom, Trophy Room, Music Room, Dining.
      5. Interact with the Knights and a crystal will spawn. This crystal will follow you (stay close to it as it will not follow you if the distance between you and the crystal is too big). After collecting the crystal, make your way to the forest and look on the ground for a symbol corresponding to the crystal. If you do this correctly, a ghost knight will spawn. Watch Video on all Knight Locations. Locations:
        • Main Hall
        • Cemetery
        • Gardens
      6. Kill zombies near these Knights to collect their souls. When you’ve collected enough souls, the Knights should move towards the Pack-a-Punch. Do this for all three Knights and werewolves should start spawning. Kill a werewolf inside the triangle created by the Knights and a stone slab should appear.
      7. Interact with the stone slab and it locks you in the area. Survive till it completes. Collect the stone slab when you complete it.
    2. Effigy Challenge
      1. Head to the Graveyard
      2. Shoot 5 trees with leaves falling
      3. Branch will fall interact with it
      4. Find the grave with 1912 of one of the main characters (In co-op you have to be that certain character on the gravestone. In solo you just have to interact with the gravestone no matter what character.) You will enter spirit mode.
      5. Well in spirit mode use the charged shot of the Alistair’s
        Annihilator at the bottom of the Effigy until you have the fire orb shot. Once you have the fire orb shot on the ground you will interact with the Effigy and fall through. You will be in afterlife mode and other players will not be able to see you.
      6. The player in afterlife mode will head into the mansion and start searching for a female ghost. She often is found near perk machines and outside barriers too. Once the ghost is found Escort the ghost back towards the Effigy. She will produce a large amount of flames and the stone slab will spawn on the ground.
      7. Interact with the stone slab and you will be locked inside the Graveyard. Werewolves and vampires will spawn in. You will know when you are almost finished when the werewolves spawn. Once the lock down has been completed interact with the stone to complete the challenge and you will be rewarded with a max ammo.
    3. Telescope
      1. All Players Head to Mausoleum
      2. All players shoot the top of the Mausoleum With Silver Bullets(Beam of Light Will Appear to Main Building)
      3. Head to fallen chandelier at spawn area
      4. Turn the Wheels on balcony Until 3 Lights shine into the white part of circle. Quick Tip:
        1. Turn the middle wheel to the left till green is set.
        2. Turn the left wheel to the left till blue is set.
        3. Turn the right wheel to the left till red is set.
        4. Repeat in the same order till the puzzle is finished.
      5. Locate 3 of the 3 Zodiac Symbols and Claw Marks around the map(Will Be Scratches on Walls in same Room and symbol)  Watch Video On All Location
        1. Zodiac Symbols
        2. Claw Marks
  5. Head to the Greenhouse Laboratory
  6. Put the 3 Zodiacs Symbols in the Dial for the Telescope(
    Put in from Less to Most Based of amount of total scratch lines in each Room)
  7. Hold Interact with the dome Crank While Your Shield is Out. 
  8. Quickly Let go of interact button and Melee the dome Crank With Shield.
  9. Activate the Trap and have all players go through the trap with shields out. Quickly have all players go up to the Telescope and shield blast it.(Screen Should Flash White)
  10. A Door With a stone should Open on Bottom floor have all players go ahead and interact with it.
  11. All Players will be locked into the room. Just kill and Survive.
  12. Now Interact with the Stone.
  13. Make your way to the door in the forest and interact with it to enter the boss fight.

Boss Fight

  • Phase 1: Locate the Green Square and You will Need to Aim all the Lights at the base the statues directly at the Green Square. Get the Werewolf within the Square and this will trap him. Shoot and kill the Werewolf
  • Phase 2: Multiple Different Types of zombies will spawn. Just survive and Kill until this phase is over.
  • Phase 3: Similiar to Phase 1 except you have to Guess where the lights need to be based off when they turn green. Square is not visible until all statues are aimed at it. Trap the werewolf in green square Kill him and Easter Egg is now complete

Alistair’s Folly – Wonder Weapon

The Alistair’s Folly can be Obtained From Mystery Box or Unlock Safe.

Watch a Video on all Symbol Locations

  1. Locate The Blue Key Code
    • Cemetery – Gravestone behind tree
    • Cemetery – Pillar staircase to Mausoleum.
    • Mausoleum – Top of crypt on right-side.
    • Mausoleum – Base of lion grave.
  2. Locate the Green Key Code
    • Greenhouse Terrace
    • Gardens
    • Gardens – 2
    • Gardens – 3
  3. Locate the Yellow symbol
    • Forest Terrace
    • Forest Terrace – 2
    • Forest Terrace – 3
    • Forest Terrace – 4
  4. Locate the Red symbol.
  5. Head to the Safe in Library Input the Symbol Keys Found.
  6. Obtain the Alistair’s Folly

Chaos Theory

Here are the Few Steps Needed to Obtain the Chaos Theory Wonder Weapon Upgrade.

  1. Obtain the Shield(Shield Parts Listed Below)
  2. Obtain the Silver Bullets(Steps Down Below)
  3. Kill a Werewolf Using the Silver Bullets(He Will Drop a Part Pick it Up)
  4. Head to the Library
  5. Melee The BookShelf that has a Book with Shield on it.
  6. Will Reveal a Hidden Area go Ahead and Obtain the Part

Alistair’s Annihilator

Alistair’s Annihilator is an upgraded variant of Alistair’s Folly which features a scope and a charge-shot with a shrinking effect.

  1. Kill vampires with the Chaos Theory Upgrade to fill the bile jar.
  2. Go to Mausoleum and interact with the red coffin and kill the Vampire that jumps out, he will drop a part.
  3. In the Mausoleum shoot the lamps that are a orange and kill the bat that flies out of the final one, he will drop Chaos Material. Obtain the Chaos Material
  4. Go to the forest. Piles with Mushrooms. Charge shoot zombies with the green Chaos Theory shot near the Mushrooms. The zombies will dig up the piles and one of them contains the final part.
  5. Head to Greenhouse Laboratory, activate the machine to Craft the Prima Materia. Obtain the Prima Materia on the left side of the machinery.
  6. Navigate to the Buildable Table in the Greenhouse Laboratory, craft and obtain the Alistair’s Annihilator.

Silver Bullet

To Obtain Silver Bullets you need to obtain 3 Silver Parts and 3 Gunpower Parts. Then Build Each set of Parts.

– Silver Parts

  1. Obtain the Trophy Part. Possible Locations
  2. Obtain the Candle Holder. Possible Locations
  3. Obtain the Plate. Possible Locations
  4. Build the Silver Mold on Wine Cellar Table

– Gunpower Parts

  1. Obtain the Guano. Possible Locations
  2. Obtain the Charcoal. Possible Locations
  3. Obtain the Sulfur. Possible Locations

Shield Parts

Pack A Punch

  1. Locate and and Break 3 Vases around the map to reveal the Crystals. Get 4 Kills Near all 3 Crystals. Once Full Interact with Each Crystal. Will Show you a Object within the map. You Will need to Locate that Object in the Map. Vases & Crystal Locations:
  2. Depending on which of these items you see you will be given different challenges which once complete will give you a fork, you must collect all 3 of these.
    • Perk Machines – Navigate to Perk Machine and kill all the vampire creatures that will spawn and the last one will drop the fork
    • Painting – interact with the painting which matches the one you saw and a ghost will spawn, follow it to a grave where it will then reveal a fork
    • Clock – Locate the clock which is ticking and interact with it, stay inside the circle it spawns for roughly a minute and it will then spawn the fork. Watch Video Possible Locations
    • Doll – Locate the Doll in Entrance Hall and interact with the doll and a ghost will spawn, follow it to a grave where it will then reveal a fork.
    • Rope – Interact with the Rope in Wine Cellar and follow the ghost it spawns until it breaks a wall revealing a fork. Watch Video
    • Scroll – interact with the item and follow the ghost until it reveals a safe behind a painting which will give you a fork
  3. Once all 3 forks are collected go to the black rock by the forest, interact with it and the gate will open. A werewolf will then spawn which you must kill then you can follow the path and the Pack a Punch machine can be seen at the end of it.

Trap Battery Cores

Buildable Table’s

Perk Locations

These Perks will rotate. Here is all 5 Possible Locations.

Unknown Leads

Symbols Found Around the Map

Scratches Found Around the Map


Watch Cutscenes

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