Dying Light 2 Release Date is 2018?

Well it looks like Dying Light may be out sooner then all we believe. Now I am not 100% sure if this is accurate but as of today I was looking through amazon and Dying Light 2 was showing up as a preorder. So when I opened it up it showed all platforms and gave a option to preorder on December 28th 2018. Some people believe this is Amazons Placeholder Date. So if this is accurate who is going to get Dying Light 2? So from the looks of it Dying Light 2 is going to release on Xbox One and PS4 on the same date. So we can all enjoy it no matter which platform we Choose. Go check it out for yourself on amazon –¬†https://amzn.to/2TUdtKP.

For all you guys that is not sure what Dyling Light 2 is Let me leave you with this quick Trailer below. I am sure if you are a zombies fan you are gonna love this game.

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