Dying Light 2 Gut Feeling Update Is Out Today

Hey guys, a brand-new Gut Feeling update for Dying Light 2 has just been released! It’s all about taking a first-person perspective while battling zombies. With this update the game is improved both in terms of how you use weapons in battle and how zombies respond to being hit. Even a new feature where you can customize the appearance of your weapons was added! In addition, a limited-time special event called Viral Rush is available. The best part, though? All of it is free!

While Dead Island 2 is another game that also involves battling zombies Dying Light 2 aims to be just as good. In spite of the fact that it isn’t a completely new game like Dead Island 2 the creators are still making every effort to make it the best they can. Which game will you play—Dead Island 2 or Dying Light 2? Please tell us in the comments!

Dying Light 2 Gut Feeling Update

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