Dying Light 2 Review

Dying Light 2 is an action-packed, story-driven survival game that boasts an immersive post-apocalyptic world. The highly anticipated game, developed by Techland and published by Square Enix, was finally released in December 2021, after a series of delays. Having completed the game, I can confidently say that it has surpassed my expectations, providing an exhilarating, atmospheric, and immersive gaming experience.

One of the most remarkable features of Dying Light 2 is its open-world map, which is vast and highly detailed. The city of Villedorf is a treat to explore, with its dilapidated streets, eerie buildings, and dense interiors. The environment feels alive and dynamic, with the day and night cycles being the primary drivers of the game’s energy. While daytime is serene and suitable for exploration, the game becomes a real challenge at night, where the zombies are aggressive and dangerous, and the environment is pitch black, making visibility almost impossible.

Another notable feature of Dying Light 2 is its dynamic choice-based narrative, where the player’s decisions have significant consequences on the game’s outcome. The choices you make not only affect the story but also the behavior of NPCs, which can have far-reaching consequences. From choosing to assist one faction over another to deciding which individuals to trust, the game’s decisions feel significant and have a significant impact on how the game progresses.

The gameplay is another aspect that I found outstanding in Dying Light 2. The game’s combat system is intuitive, fast-paced, and satisfying. Movement feels fluid, with parkour elements allowing for seamless traversal of the environment. Besides, the game offers an extensive crafting system, where players can create various weapons and modifications to aid their survival. However, the game’s difficulty can be punishing at times, and players will likely die repeatedly while attempting to overcome the game’s challenges.

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One of the few downsides of Dying Light 2 relates to its story, which, while engaging, could be more fleshed out. The game’s plot can feel fragmented and unclear, with some events lacking proper exposition or justification. Also, the game’s voice acting, while decent, can feel uneven, with some characters feeling more natural than others. However, these issues do not detract significantly from the game’s overall experience and feel relatively minor compared to the game’s many strengths.


Dying Light 2 is a remarkable achievement that provides an unparalleled gaming experience. The game’s open-world environments, dynamic narrative, satisfying gameplay, and punishing difficulty make it a compelling addition to the survival-horror genre. While some of its story elements could use more fleshing out, they do not detract significantly from the game’s overall experience. Fans of the genre looking for a satisfying, immersive experience should not hesitate to check this game out.

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