1. Turn on Power and Activate Pack-A-Punch

The first thing you are going to need to do is turn on power, which you can do so by activating and protecting three reactors around the map once you teleport. After you activate a reactor you will need to kill zombies in order to fill it up. Upon completing all three reactors all of power will be turned and you can now Pack-A-Punch your weapons in the spawn area. All three reactor locations will be listed below. Full easy video guide.

2. Obtain the R.A.I. K-84 Wonder Weapon

After turning on power and Pack-A-Punch you will now need to obtain the R.A.I. K-84 Wonder Weapon. You can obtain it three different ways, from the mystery box, doing trials, or building it for free. In order to build it you will first need to obtain the blueprint located in the Weapons Lab on a workbench. After picking up the blueprint you will now want to make your way to Scorched Defense. Along the right path you will see a burnt body lying next to a tank. Interact with the body and obtain the eye. Upon receiving the eye make your way back to the Weapons Lab where you can now access the computer with the eye. The computer screen will now turn green, a draw will pop open and now you can obtain the key. Now head over to Barracks 1 and 2 where you can now open the lockers with the key you received previously. Open the lockers until a Mimic spawns and after you kill it drops a Barrel Assembly. Now it’s time to obtain the Power Cell in which will drop from a Mangler from round 15 and on. After picking up the Power Cell take it to the Weapons Lab where you can charge it on a table. I don’t know the precise time it takes to charge but it is around 2-3 rounds. After is it charged pick it back up, after make your way back to the computer where you placed the eye. You can now interact with computer and will have a diagram of a dartboard on the computer. Once you activate the computer it will stops on three places on the dartboard diagram, make sure you take notes of these three places in the order from first to last. After you have gotten the three places down make your way to Village (spawn) where the Wunderfizz is located. You will see a dartboard, shoot your places on the dartboard that you received from the computer in the correct order then shoot the bullseye. (Make sure to only shoot each once or it will restart the process of shooting the dartboard.) The dartboard will now open up and drop the Aetherium Converter. After picking it up make your way back to the Weapons Lab to the workbench where you obtained the blueprint. You can now build and obtain the R.A.I. K-84 Wonder Weapon. (The R.A.I. K-84 doesn’t need to be built completely until later in the Easter Egg.)

3. Obtain the Three Serums

After turning on power you can now speak Ravenov at spawn, upon speaking to him you can now speak to Doctor Peck at the bottom of the Control Room. After speaking to Peck make your way back to spawn and speak to Ravenov once again and he will give you a keycard. You can now open three lockers across the map and obtain serum from each one. Once you have collected all three serums, you will need to make your way to the Field Hospital where you can insert the serums in a device on a table. Upon inserting them into device fire Hellhounds will spawn, so be ready. After the serum is done mixing you can collect the truth serum from the device. Now you can take the truth serum over to the AC unit above the Open Lot and place it on the AC unit. At this point the truth serum with fill Doctor Peck’s office, then a dialogue will happen and Doctor Peck will tell you the truth about the Essence Trapper. The three locations for the serum lockers will be listed below.

4. Essence Trapper

After Doctor Peck tells you about the Data Center you can make your way there to the top floor where you will find a computer. (Near Speed Cola) Interact with the Memory Machine, after you will be able to obtain the Essence Trapper. The Essence Trapper is a piece of tactical equipment that will act as a C4 but it will trap zombies inside of it. (Double tap reload to activate) What you are going to need to do is find and trap three Mimics with low health. You will see items in 3 locations that are actually Mimics. Wait till it absorbs the Mimic fully then pick it up and take it back to the Memory Machine. Insert it into the machine and listen to all of the dialog it will tell you if you trapped the right Mimic. If you failed you will need to find another item disguised as a Mimic and trap it again and repeat the process till you get all three correct and obtain the Floppy Disk from the Memory Machine. Around the three locations is where you need to find and trap the Mimics will be listed below.

5. Aetherium Crystals

Now that you have obtained the Floppy Disk you can now make your way to the Planning Office, you can insert it into the Quantum Main Frame machine with a brain on it. Now that should have triggered a Dark Aether anomaly in the OPC area. Once you have seen the anomaly has spawned make your way to spawn and speak with Ravenov then go back to Peck in the Control Room and speak to him. After speaking to both of them to the left of Peck you will see a locker that you can open it with a code and obtain the Aethermeter. After picking up the Aethermeter make head over to Scorched Defense and inside one of the bunkers you will find a shovel. After picking up the shovel it is now time to obtain three Aetherium Crystrals across the map. The first location is going to be the Open Lot, the dig site will be located right outside a window. After finding the dig site Crystals will spawn all around Open Lot and the Planning Office. Be careful here all of the crystals except one around these areas are going to have black smoke around them, you will want to find the one that is more clear without the black smoke around them. The black smoking crystals will spawn Mimics so be ready. After you have found the right crystal you will see it in your inventory now. After obtaining the first crystal now make your way to the Jungle Defense. The next dig site is going to be down one of the back lanes. After finding the dig site a orb will spawn around and you will need to stay inside of it and survive while the orb gets smaller. After you survive you will now be able to pick up your second crystal. The last dig site can found in between the Field Hospital and the stairs leading to the Data Center. Don’t get too close to crystal after it spawns upon digging. This is where the R.A.I. K84 is going to come into play. Stand back from the crystal and you will want to shoot the crystal with the R.A.I. K84 charged shot to freeze the crystal. (Not the single shot) The crystal can move between the three building around you if you get too close. (Barracks, Barracks 2, Field Hospital) After obtaining the third crystal make your way back to each Aether Reactor. (Where you turned on power) Insert the crystals into each reactor to stabilize the anomaly. The three Aether Reactors will be listed below.

6. Satellite Dish

Upon stabilizing the anomalies you will now make your way to Planning Office where you will find a computer you can interact with. After interacting with the computer you will see a galactic map. Navigate through map till you find a satellite dish that displays a question mark “?” After you have selected the correct satellite and shot the it down, make your way to OPC and interact with terminals to the right. Make sure you have everything you need because there is no going back, you will now trigger the boss fight.

7. Boss Fight

You have now made it to the boss fight! The main target of this fight will be the huge monster named Orda. Other enemies will be spawning so you and your team may have to take a few out. Drop down some Ring of Fires and lay into Orda. After you have defeated Orda you will have now completed the Firebase Z Easter Egg, congratulations!


    1. Free Jump Pads – The first thing you need to do is take all 6 jump pads on the map once, power is required. After taking all 6 jump pads, now you want to find the one with a green light by the computer screen. Upon locating it you can now shoot the green light, this will start dancing mini game. What you need to do is follow the arrows on the computer screen or on the jump pad but do not leave it. Repeat the process on all six pads. After you have completed all six pads you will now have free jump pads. Listed below will be all the locations for the jump pads.
    2. Sergei’s Head – First we need to locate Sergei’s Head which will be located at one of the three defenses. After locating the head now you want to take it to Field Hospital where you can now place it on a table. Now that you have placed the head you will now have to make your way to step 4 of the main easter egg listed above and pick up the essence trap. Now get a zombie to low heath and capture the zombie in the essence trap. Once you have trapped a zombie take it back to where you placed Sergei’s Head. After placing it on the head, it will now glow. Now you can Make your way to the Colonel’s Office where you can open a safe. You will obtain a free perk and a cipher. Be warned, after opening the safe lots of hell hounds will spawn.
    3. Evil Bunny/Coffin – In order to do this side easter egg make your way to the top of Pack-A-Punch (Antruim) At the end of a hallway that is not accessible you will see a bunny. Once you aim at it you will be teleported to a dark world. Once you’ve teleported zombies will be spawning and you will need to locate 3 three pink glowing bunnies and shoot all 3 till they disappear. After you have completed this all the zombies will despawn and you will a crate like from Die Maschine Coffin Dance located near you. Make sure you are fast about this because you don’t have much time till you teleport back.
    4. Easter Egg Song – In order to trigger the easter egg song “Lost” you are going to need to locate three cassette tapes around the map. After locating and interacting with all three cassette tapes it will start the easter egg song. Locations will be listed below.
      • Scientist Quarters
      • Equipment Storage
      • Motor Pool Office

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