Cold War Zombies Dark Ops Challenges

Another Round?Reach round 100 in the zombies mode.10K XP and a calling card.
Armed to the TeethHave 2 fully upgraded weapons equipped with ammo mods, and six perks active in a single game.1K XP and a calling card.
Box AddictObtain every weapon from the mystery box excluding Ray Gun and Wonder Weapon.5K XP and a calling card.
CheckmateDo every trail in Die Maschine in a single game.10K XP and calling card.
Evil UnleashedComplete the main quest (Easter Egg.)5K XP and calling card.
Good EnoughReach Round 20 using your starting loadout (no upgrades.)10K XP and calling card
Harbinger of DoomKill 50 enemies with a single support.5K XP and calling card.
InvincibleReach round 30 without going down.10K XP and calling card.
King of SilverbacksIn Dead Ops Arcade earn a high score of 999,999,999.5K XP and calling card.
Pristine PeltIn Dead Ops Arcade defeat the Mamaback in the final round without dying the whole match.5K XP and calling card
Reaper of the UndeadKill a million enemies.10K XP and calling card
Social DistancingReach round 20 without taking a hit.5K XP and calling card.
The AnvilExfil a game only using melee attacks.5K XP and calling card.
Dark Ops MasterComplete 11 Dark Ops challenges.10K XP and an animated calling card.


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