Here is a list of the Challenge’s Found Towards unlocking the Hidden Characters in The Frozen Dawn Map within Call of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies.

(Shadow Hunter) – View Image

Challenge Name How To Obtain Unlock Text Riddle
Forgotten By Death Obtain the Scythe Without Getting Touched Laughed in the face of Death Death Becomes
Corpse Dancer Get 15 Zombie Kills with scythe while special zombie trying to charge. Cut them down before they rise up Waltz of Starvation
Ancient Banquet Obtained by Killing Special Zombie With upgraded Scythe. Cannibalize the Ancient Evil Elder Blood
King’s Lament Complete the Main Easter Egg solo. No crown for the wicked Crow’s Solace
Death’s Sorrow Do a Cheat attack on Stage 2 and 4 During Boss Fight with Scythe Survived When No One Else Could Wreathed in Death


(Wayward Rider) – View Image

Challenge Name How To Obtain Unlock Text Riddle
Forsaken Gunslinger Shoot 4 Black Raven Birds You bit the hand that feeds Dark Wings, Dark Path
Forgotten Highway Visit every location on the map in under 2-3 min. Toured the depths with great speed Leaps and Bounds
Guided by the Stars Complete The 3 Connect the Star Steps(Time based or Certain Time) Spoke with the stars at the speed of light Darkest Sky
Dark Passenger Die to a zombie while possessing a pest (see unknown leads for more details) To know your enemy is to find truth Like Sightless Eyes
Champion of Lost Artifacts Have one player Complete every ritual(Trial) in one game Equipped to kill a god Bureau’s Pride


(Desert Assassin)

Challenge Name How To Obtain Unlock Text Riddle
Some things are best.. Complete 14 Waves Within the Spawn Area The Blood Does Not Flow Left Forgotten
Bloodied Sacrific Get 15 to 25 Run attack kills in pool of blood(Blood Alter) with Upgraded Shield Blood Rains from the Heavens, Pools at your Feet. Guarded Sacrifice
Zombie Torero Get a Wustling to Ride Any Two Different Transporter Activate and Run Out(Pack Button Does Not Need to be Pressed) Precision Over Force Needless Effort
Stalwart Soldier Obtain The Shield and Allow it to take Damage 6 – 8 Minutes Nothing can shake you Relentless
Blood is Power Obtain all 6 perks from the Trial of the Moonraven (the dark room) Descend into darkness and rise again, greater Light in Darkness


(Cold Blooded) – View Image

Challenge Name How To Obtain Unlock Text Riddle
The Hilt Obtain the Hilt in The Final Reich Rescued an ally, began your journey Search and Rescue
The Pommel Obtain the Pommel Within The Darkest Shore Secured the artifact, escaped the island They Can Swim Now
The Blade Obtain the Blade within The Shadowed Throne Obtained the blade, Protected the City Mechanized Abomination
The Forge Assemble the Sword Within The Tortured Path Assembled The Sword of Barbarossa The Road Ahead
The Ancient Evil Complete the EE in The Frozen Dawn All ends are New Beginnings Descend


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