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Here is a list of all the Easter Egg Steps for Call of Duty WW2 Nazi Zombies The Frozen Dawn.

Easter Egg Steps

  1. Obtain and Upgrade the Flail
  2. Obtain and Upgrade the Hammer
  3. Obtain and Upgrade the Scythe
  4. Obtain and Upgrade the Shield
  5. Now Place all the weapons in a pedestals in the Ice Caves. – View Video
  6. Use the Transporter In Ice Caves to Head to The Boss Fight(Everyone Must Equip Wonder Weapon). – View Video

Thulian Flail

  1. Obtain 2 Books Around The Map. – Location Video
  2. Place the Books on the Pedestal in the Archives – Location Video
  3. Obtain the 3 Gears Around the Map. – Location Video
  4. Place the Gears Into Gearworks. – Location Video
  5. Now the Orrery is Active Kill 15 Zombies Nearby it to Power. – Watch Video
  6. Now Align the Orbs on the Orrey to Match on the Wall in the Hidden Cypher Room(Make Sure to Mirror It East to West.) – Watch Video

Upgrade Flail(Talon of Lu’roth)

  1. With Flail Equiped You Will Need to Fill 3 Raven Stone’s With Zombie Soul(3 Per Stone). – Location Video
  2. After each Stone is Full You Need to Find Hidden Stars and Connect them. – Location Video
  3. Once The 2 Steps are Completed You Wanna Throw the Flail the Center Orrery Orb and Press R1 to Transport into Trial. – Watch Video


Thulian Hammer

  1. Obtain the Battery in the Spawn. Take to Overlook and Fill With Zombie Souls. – Watch Video
  2. Obtain the 4 Stones Around the Map and Place. – Location Video
  3. Look at Wall Behind Armor in Overlook There will Be Runes Lite Up.
  4. Kill A Zombie at Each Rune Around Armor to Match Wall In Order(From Left to Right). Watch Video
  5. The Hammer Will Now Spawn and Transport Somewhere in Map.
  6. Rotate The Pillars Until they Line Up. – Puzzle ToolWatch Video
  7. Now Find the Hammer(Crawl under it and Push Square – PS4 or X – XBOX and Push it Until it goes back Into the Overlook Blood Section. Lightening Will Strike it. Now you can Pick Up the Hammer. Watch Video

Upgrade Hammer(Fist of Tal’rek)

  1. Melee Rune at the Crash Site With Hammer.
  2. Melee Rune located in the Ice Caves With Hammer.
  3. Melee Rune in the Morgue With Hammer.
  4. Quickly Head to the Phylactery And Melee A Zombie at Doorway to Charge Rune.
  5. Melee The Last Rune Location Under Wall Puzzle.
  6. Complete the Wallpuzzle – Wall Trick and Tip
  7. Head to Overlook Walk Up Invisible Walkway With Hammer Out to Enter Trial. – Watch Video


Thulian Scythe

  1. Locate and Pickup The Wire. – Location Video
  2. Gain access to the Phylactery. – Watch Video
  3. Activate the Ancient Forge. (Press Square for PS4/ Press X for Xbox)
  4. Finish Ritual then obtain Scythe where you activated Ancient Forge.

Upgrade Scythe(Fang of An’heist)

  1. Ride Pack-A-Punch to spawn in White Sizzler.
  2. Kill Sizzlers with Scythe to obtain a spine.
  3. Head back to the Phylactery and go to top of staircase to place Scythe and Spine in Ancient Forge.
  4. Kill 15-20 zombies at Ancient Forge after placing items.
  5. Wait 3 full rounds until you are able to pick up Scythe. (Once you obtain after 3 full rounds it does not appear in your inventory)
  6. Ride-A-Pinch to start and finish Trial to obtain fully upgraded Scythe.


Thulian Shield

  1. Locate and Obtain Raven Stone.(Place Stone on 3rd Pool Near Overlook) – Location Video
  2. Locate and Fill Up all 3 Pools of Blood. – View Image
  3. Head to The Blood Alter a Wustling Will Spawn in Pool of Blood with Shield. Kill the Wustling and He will drop it for you to Pick Up. – Watch Video

Upgrade Shield(Roar of Sang’Ket)

  1. Look at Each Pool of Blood with holding Shield. One of them Will Have a Mist.
  2. Kill a Special Zombie(Kill Black Ravens to Spawn in Fully Charged Special Zombies) In the Pool with Mist and Will Leave a design in Blood. (Keep track of Design and Order). – Raven LocationsWatch Video
  3. Repeat for The Other 2 Pools of Blood.
  4. Obtain the Radio and The Speaker in Spawn Area.(Need to Kill Bomber to Blow Away Plane Arm). – Watch Video
  5. Place the Radio on Pillar on Left and Speaker on Pillar on Right in Blood Alter.
  6. Kill One Zombie for Each Design You got in Pool of Bloods in Same Order. – Watch Video
  7. While Having the Shield on You Get Downed in Pool of Blood To Spawn Into Trial. – Watch Video


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