Gauntlet Challenges – Labours of Hercules

  1. Quick Kills – Melee Kill All Zombies within the Time Limit
  2. Turret Mode – Players are Locked in Place, Unless They are Downed
  3. Sub Par – Use Unpacked SMGs Only
  4. That’s the Spear-It – Get Required Number of Kills with the Apollo’s Will Spear Throw
  5. Hot Day – Players Take Damage if Not Standing in Water
  6. Dark Side – End the Round in the Dark Side
  7. Loaded – End the Round with Guns and Equipment at Full Ammo
  8. Double Damage – Enemies Do Double Damage
  9. Half Speed – Players’ Movement Speeds are Halved. Sprinting and Sliding are Disabled
  10. Apollo-gy Accepted – Defend the Temple of Apollo
  11. Handy – Possess a Redeemed Hand Weapon
  12. Shopaholic – Buy Something Every 20 Seconds
  13. Cat-aclysm – Survive a Catalyst Onslaught
  14. Assault on the Senses – Use Unpacked Assault Rifles Only
  15. The Big Show – Defend the Amphitheater
  16. Tribute – Each Player Must Earn an Epic Tribute Reward. Current Tribute Level is Reset
  17. Spartoi Scramble – Defeat a Wave of Spartoi – No Headshot Kills Allowed
  18. Oracle’s Boon – Only Weapons from Temple of Apollo Can Be Used. All Purchases Except Fast Travel are Disabled
  19. Stop Drop and Roll – Go Prone to Stop Random Damage
  20. Worldly – Defend the Center of the World
  21. Blindsided – Players are Randomly Blinded
  22. Make It Rain – Take Damage If You Have Over 5000 Points
  23. Trial of the Gods – Survive the Round
  24. Run Away! Run Away! – Kill All Zombies within the Time Limit. Zombies Will Run Away From Players
  25. Stoa-ic – Defend the Stoa of the Athenians
  26. Shots! Shots! Shots! – Weapon Fire Drains Points
  27. Keep It Light – Use Unpacked LMG’s Only
  28. Farewell to Arms – Kill Zombies with 10 Different Weapons or Equipment
  29. Dinner and Play – Go to the Amphitheater with a Redeemed or Exalted Hand and Act in the Play
  30. Hot Perse-uit – Defeat Perseus

Note for all-around: I recommend buying only wall weapons and using the god hands for this whole gauntlet, as it requires you to buy a lot of ammo.

Note for Round 3 and 11: Save points and a zombie; build the shield on this round for it will be needed for next round. While saving the zombie, start doing the Redeemed version of the god hands, (the amount of hands needed depends on the amount of people in the game).

Note for Round 7: Save a zombie and refill any ammo you may have missing. The elixir Cache Back is recommended for this round. If you don’t have a Cache Back elixir, buy all ammo and wait for all equipment to refill. Once everyone is full on ammo, knife the zombie to death.

Note for Round 12: If you don’t have it already, buy the Strife. Stay near the Strife wallbuy and buy ammo for it once your timer reaches 8 seconds. I wouldn’t let the timer go any further down just in case the zombies block you from being able to purchase ammo. If you have a PAP’d Strife during this round, buy the shield and repeat the process.

Note for Round 16: This round is extended just so that way you and your whole team are able to receive your Epic rewards. Don’t fret, don’t panic, but also be careful of what you’re doing.

Note for Round 18: Don’t get this challenge confused, you aren’t forced to only the Essex or Strife, but instead you’re limited to the guns that spawn as powerups in the Temple of Apollo! These guns are FREE and are already PAP’d, and as a little fun fact, some of them are the new DLC guns!

Note for Round 23: If you’ve never done the Exalted version of the god hands, then these challenges will be foreign to you. During this round, each player will be teleported to a random god hand trial in which you will either face a bunch of Gegenees only, a bunch of Blightfathers only, a bunch of Catalysts only, or a bunch of Skeletons only, (and maybe a few zombies in each)! For this challenge you don’t have to kill all enemies, but instead you have to survive the timer on the screen!

Note for Round 27: If you don’t already have a non-pack-a-punched LMG; grab the Titan wallbuy in Python Pass. Due to this being a longish round, I recommend buying the Titan anyways because ammo will be needed.

Note for Round 29: This is exactly like the sharpshooter step in the Ancient Evil Easter Egg! Stand on the lights that match your god hand color and do the corresponding action. Sometimes you may need to kill some zombies in the stands with a normal attack with the god hands, or maybe you’ll need to use the charged attack on some zombies who are not in the stands. Be careful however for if you miss your shot once, you will earn a strike!

Note for Round 30: This is the full boss fight as featured in the Ancient Evil Easter Egg, so just follow suite as you would normally would during this fight. Be careful when Perseus comes down from Mount Olympus for he can one-shot you!

Above will be a video by dkdynamite that will give you a visual representation of how to complete the gauntlet, and will also include some of the notes listed! Make sure to drop a like if it helped!

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