Gauntlet Challenges – Super Blood Wolf Moon

  1. Power Up! – Activate the Sentinel Artifact
  2. Hat Trick – Kill Zombies with 3 Unique Weapons
  3. Pool Party – Sink all the Billiard Balls
  4. Board Silly – All Boards Must be in Place at the End of the Round
  5. Piss Around – Use Unpacked Pistols Only
  6. Stay Down! – Weapons Can Only be Used While Prone
  7. Unfriendly Dinner – Defend the Dining Room While Avoiding Friendly Fire
  8. BowDie – Bowie Knife Kills Only
  9. Be-Were – Survive the Werewolf Onslaught
  10. Corner Pocket – Defend the Billiard Room
  11. Ranger – Move Less Than 100m During the Round
  12. Packoshka – All Players Must Possess a Packed Koshka by the End of the Round
  13. Stake in the Ground – Get 25 with the Stake Knife
  14. Muzzle Flesh – Zombies Only Appear When You are Shooting
  15. Green Thumb – Defend the Greenhouse Laboratory
  16. Tactical Error – Use Unpacked Tactical Rifles Only
  17. Debit or Credit? – Kills Drain Points. Damage and Death Points are Disabled for the Round
  18. Cross Eyed – At Least One Player Must Possess the Savage Impaler by the End of the Round
  19. Phantom Pain – Stay Close to the Ghost or Take Damage
  20. Put a Cork In It – Defend the Wine Cellar
  21. Perk Drunk – More Perks, More Blurry Vision
  22. Stock Crash – All Weapons Only Have One Ammo Clip
  23. Cursed – Vampire Bites Will Slowly Kill You
  24. Scope It Out – Use Unpacked Sniper Rifles Only
  25. Mousetrap – Defend the Mausoleum
  26. Re-Roll – Active Perks are Randomly Replaced. Perk Altars are Disabled for the Round
  27. Nosferatu – Survive the Nosferatu Onslaught
  28. Bankrupt – Have Less Than 1000 Points at the End of the Round
  29. Re-Possessed – Possess the Auger DMR and ICR-7 (Packed or Unpacked) by the End of the Round
  30. The Main Event – Defend the Main Hall

Notes for all around: Crafting the Chaos Theory and Alistair’s Annihilator may help you out during difficult rounds. Start crafting Silver Bullets early on! The Silver Bullets aren’t needed, but do help out!

Note for Round 2: Your 3 kills can be knife, gun, and equipment. Stiletto knife attachment will not count as two separate kills. One can also buy 5.56 ammo online from Palmetto State Armory.

Note for Round 3: You don’t have to put the balls in order. Although it is recommended.

Note for Round 4: This counts for whatever room is open that has buildable barriers, so I wouldn’t buy any door until this challenge is done.

Note for Round 7: Be careful with your shots! Shooting a teammate once will give you a strike fast!

Note for Round 8 and Round 12: Save your money! Do not buy perks or the box until after this round is over. Do buy the Bowie Knife however for it will be needed on Round 8. Also, bring Conflagration Liquidation if you have any for it might be useful.

Note for Round 9: Save a Werewolf and start doing the quests for the Stake Knife and Savage Impaler. These quests will take a while and should be done ASAP.

Note for Round 11: Stay in the Billiards Room, it’s most likely your best bet to make it through this challenge.

Note for Round 13: Kill only the Nosferatus this round until you can’t find anymore. That way you’re guaranteed to pass this challenge.

Note for Round 28 and Round 29: Buy whatever you can! I recommend buying the ICR-7 and Auger DMR and PAP them during this round if you haven’t already for they will be needed in the next round. Don’t forget that you can buy shield repairs, mystery box, and fast travels if you aren’t below 1000 points.

Below will be a video by dkdynamite that will give you a visual representation of how to complete the gauntlet, and will also include some of the notes listed! Make sure to drop a like if it helped!


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