Easter Egg Steps

  1. Turn on Power Watch Step – First you are going to need to obtain 2 pieces to turn on the power, the handle, and then the wires. After obtaining them you will need to build the power switch at the power location.
  2. Obtain the Keycard and Book Watch Step -Make your way to the elevator next to where you built the power switch. Ride the elevator to the top as you enter the train cart make your way to left and beside the flamethrower you can obtain the keycard. Now make your way to spawn area where you open your first door in the train cart. You will see a chest that you can now open with the keycard and upon opening you can retrieve the book.
  3. Fill Soul BoxesWatch Step – After you pick up the book you will need to make your way to the middle of the map and you will see a pillar that looks like a dragon. Place the book that the pillar and you will need to fill 5 soul boxes are the map. They don’t need to be in any order but the soul box where you placed the book you will have to fill it last. You will know the soul boxes are full once the light on the circle dims down or doesn’t take anymore souls. After you have finished filling up the last soul box interact with the pillar where you placed the book. A Panzer will now spawn and you will need to defeat it. I suggest pack – a – punching a weapon before. Upon defeating the Panzer you will now interact with the pillar once more and you will be on your way to the next step.
  4. Repair the Electric Boxes Watch Step – Now you will need to repair 5 electric boxes around the map by interacting with them. After repairing all five boxes you will make your way back to the pillar and retrieve the keycard once again. Upon retrieving the keycard you will now receive perkaholic. You can also now obtain the special weapon (flamethrower) from the top of the elevator.
  5. Buy Ending – For the final step you will need to obtain 50k points and buy the ending at the top of the elevator at the control center. Congratulations you have now beaten the easter egg. If you’re interested in watching full guide/completion you can do so here.


In order to use pack-a-punch you will need to turn on power (steps listed above) in order to access the elevator which takes you to the location to pack a punch.

Side Money Easter Egg

In order to do this side easter egg you will need to find and shoot 6 panzer dolls around the map. After shooting all 6 you will be rewarded with 2500 points! Watch Step

Origins Shield

In order to obtain the Origins Shield you will need to locate 3 pieces across the map. After obtaining the pieces you will be able to craft it at the table to right outside of spawn area. You can now obtain the Origins Shield.

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