1. Turn On Power and Activate Pack-A-Punch

For the Start of the Easter Egg you will need to make way to the Particle Accelerator area and head to the back top area from which you entered the room. (Follow the purple arrows) Open the door and you will see an interactive button to turn on power. Upon hitting the button you will now need to press 2 other buttons in order for the power to come on. One will be on right and the other on the left from where you hit the first button. You can identify them as they will have red lights and an interactive message will pop up when you get near them. After you have completed this now make your way where Pack-A-Punch will be in the Particle Accelerator room. There will be a anomaly in place of the Pack-A -Punch. Interact with the anomaly which will take you to the Dark Aether. After entering the Dark Aether you will see the Aether Tunnel appear somewhere on the map. Make your way to it, enter the tunnel. After you make your way to the end of the tunnel you will appear in a tiny room. Before you leave the room make sure you pick up the Machine Part for the Pack-A-Punch. You can now build the Pack-A-Punch and Pack your weapons.

2. Obtain the D.I.E Shockwave Wonder Weapon

After turning the power on and building the Pack-A-Punch you will now need to obtain the D.I.E Shockwave Wonder Weapon. You can obtain this weapon 3 ways. One doing the Easter Egg steps, second you can obtain it out the box, and third you can do the coffin dance side Easter Egg and have a change to obtain it. If you decide to obtain it through the Easter Egg you will need to wait till a Megaton enemy spawns. Once it spawns you will need to kill it and make it split. After it splits you will need to kill both of them and one of them will drop a golden key card. (Make sure you pick it up upon killing them) After obtaining the keycard make your way to the Weapons Lab which can be found in the Facility Building. There will be a smaller room with a mystery box location in it, in this room you will find the computer that you need to insert the keycard into. Upon inserting the keycard and picking up the Remote Control now make your way to the spawn area. Now with the D.I.E Remote Control collected from the computer make your way into the Living Room in the Nacht Building. Once you’ve reached the Living Room you will see a crack in the wall with a glowing blue light inside it. Interact with it, by doing so you will active the D.I.E Machine inside. Now that you have activated it will Machine will act as a trap/soul box. You will need 30 zombies in total to fill up this soul box. I’ve found its best if you train up all your zombies from the round in the spawn area outside then make your way back into the Living Room turn on the D.I.E Machine the same way you activated it the first time through the blue crack and run the zombies through the trap. You should get this in one try if you’re at a high enough round. After filling up the D.I.E Machine interact with the blue crack once more and the front door will open. You can now obtain the D.I.E Shockwave Wonder Weapon from inside the small room.

3. Build the Aetherscope

After obtaining the wonder weapon, it’s now time to build the Aetherscope. Find the anomaly around the map to enter the Dark Aether. After entering the Dark Aether you will now need to find three Aetherscope parts around the map. After obtaining the three pieces you can now build the Aetherscope and obtain it at the table at the bottom of the Particle Accelerator room. The Aetherscope parts spawn at these three locations.

4. Activate Doctor Vogel’s Computer

After Obtaining the Aetherscope it’s now time to activate Doctor Vogel’s computer. For this step you need to enter the Dark Aether in the Medical Bay and you’re going to need to be quick. Upon entering the Dark Aether make your way to Medical Bay to the upstairs room. There you will find a computer, pick up the diary on the desk beside the computer. Next make your way downstairs in the Medical Bay underneath where you picked up the diary. In the corner you will see an orb interact with it, Vogel’s ghost will appear and start speaking. Give him the book by interacting with him, repeat this process for the other 2 orbs. After giving books to all three of the ghosts make your way back to the computer in Medical Bay and wait until you go back to the normal map, now you can enter the password into the computer. Here are the locations for the orbs/ghosts.

5. Obtain All 4 D.I.E. Upgrades

After activating Doctor Vogel’s Computer you can now do all 4 upgrades for the Wonder Weapon which some will be needed in order to proceed in the easter egg.

  1. D.I.E Cryo-Emitter – Make your way to the roof top of Nacht you will see a box sitting on the edge of the building. Once you locate it shoot the box with your D.I.E. Shockwave. Now make your way to the pond, you will find a flask near the Nacht building. Be sure to pick it up. Now there will be a tree near where you picked up the flask with a weird mushroom growing on it. For the next part you will need to get a boss zombie Megaton. Once you get a Megaton to spawn make your way to the tree and stand next the tree where the mushroom is. Let the Megaton shoot you with the acid or let the Megaton walk by the mushroom. If done correctly the mushroom will change color and start leaking fluid. Place the flask you just obtained underneath the mushroom to collect the fluid. You do not need to pass a round in order for the flask to fill up, be patient it will take a few minutes. After it is full pick the flask back up and make your way to Medical Bay, you will see a box with chains on it. Interact with the box and melt the chains off the box with the fluid you just received in the flask. You can now obtain the D.I.E. Cryo-Emitter.
  2. D.I.E. Nova- 5 – For the Nova-5 upgrade you will need to make your way to the top of the Nacht once again. At the end of the roof of the opposite side you shot the box down you will see a yellow canister in the distance. (You do not need the canister before you kill the hound at the Weapon Labs location.) To obtain the canister you will need the wonder weapon, now to get the canister you will need to use the “Suck” on your weapon which is your aim button. After sucking the canister it will fall at your feet and you can pick it up. Head to the basement of the Weapons Lab and place the canister into the tank. (To the right of Deadshot Daquiri) Now you need for the canister to absorb some gas. Obatin a Plague Hound by passing rounds and bring him to where you placed the canister in the Weapons Lab. Once you have the hound right near the canister kill the hound and the canister will absorb the hound’s gas. Now you can obtain the canister again with the gas in it. Head to the Crash Site and along the walls of Nacht you will see a box with vines on it. Shoot the box with your wonder weapon and you will now be able to obtain the Nova-5 upgrade.
  3. D.I.E. Electrobolt – For the Electrobolt upgrade you will NEED to find the portal under the Pack-A-Punch to enter the Dark Aether and make sure you have the base model of the wonder weapon, you can do so by putting your upgrade back in it’s box. Basically you are running around sucking up 3 crystal energy with your wonder weapon around the map. Easiest way is to get to do this is have a friend activate the Dark Aether as you are the pond crystal location. Use the “suck” method on your wonder weapon which is your aim button on the crystal after getting the energy make your way to the very bottom of the Particle Accelerator room, you will see a box with three lights on it. Now shoot the box with the energy charge you just got from the crystal. Now make your way to Plane Crash location and repeat the process. After shooting that energy into the box make your way to the stairs platform in the Particle Accelerator and you will see a fast travel. Take the fast travel as it will take you near your last location. Make your way to the top of Nacht and you will see the third crystal, repeat process. After shooting the third energy into the box all three lights should be lite up. You can now obtain the Electrobolt upgrade. The crystal locations will be listed below.
  4. D.I.E. Thermophasic – For the Thermophasic upgrade you will need to be in the Dark Aether and make your way to the Crash Site. At the front of the wrecked plane by entrance to Nacht you will see the front part of the plane is floating. Now you will see a box lying underneath it. Melee or shoot the box for it to open. Obtain the fuse and then make your way to the Weapons Lab by Deadshot Daquiri while your still in the Dark Aether. Now insert the fuse into the Plasma Cutter which located to the left of Deadshot Daquiri. Once you get back to the normal world make your way to the truck that is located at the pond. Once you locate it there will be box on the bed of the truck. You can now obtain the Thermophasic uprade.

6. Decontaminate The Subject

Now that you have you have obtained all four upgrades for the wonder weapon it’s now time to move onto the next step. Doctor Vogel’s Computer will now say that it needs more power. Next you will need to shoot the four arms on the big canister corresponding to each wonder weapon upgrade in the Medical Bay. Sometimes the colors can be confusing so just make sure you shoot each arm until it rises. Now go into the Dark Aether once again, after you have done that and make your way to the balcony outside the computer room in the Medical Bay. You will see an orb, interact with it and 2 ghost will appear who stole and item that you need to obtain. Once out of the Dark Aether you will see a wrench spawn where the 2 ghosts were talking. Obtain the wrench, now make your way to spawn and make sure you have some C4 or sticky grenades. Once you make it to spawn you will see a tank. Interact with the tank 3 times with the wrench and now the top will open and a zombie will pop out. Shoot the zombie so he goes back inside. Now it’s time for the grenades to come in handy, stick the tank lid with a sticky grenade or C4 in order for the tank to fire a shot at a tree at the Crash Site. Make your way there through Nacht and you will see and be able to obtain the Decontamination Agent from the Crash Site. After getting near and obtaining it a lot of enemies will spawn. If you need to you can drop the agent and pick it back up if you need to kill some enemies. Now make your way back to the Medical Bay and insert the Decontamination Agent into the glass case outside the computer room. Once this is done the computer will tell you it’s waiting for a subject. Next you need to obtain a Megaton zombies take him to the Medical Bay. There will be a ring on the floor under the big canister hanging from the ceiling. Bring the Megaton into the circle and make split inside of it and the canister will then suck up the 2 halves. Upon doing this you will now make your way back to the computer terminal. Activate the vessel and the subject will be turned into one being. (This will trigger a lockdown/cutscene.) The subject is now somewhat a human who is named Orlov. He will speak for a few minutes informing you he is scared and then runs away. Now the doors will open and you will want to run as fast as you can to the Crash Site as lots of hounds and Megatons will spawn and you don’t want to get trapped in that small area. You are now one step away from entering the boss fight. Make your way into the Living Room in Nacht, there you find a Dark Aether portal. Enter the portal, once you have now make your way to Omega Outpost in Nacht and you will see an orb. Interact with it and Orlov will talk to you for a minutes explaining some things. You are now ready for the boss fight.

7. Boss Fight

If you have made this far it is now time for the boss fight. So now would be the time to get all your guns upgraded, perks, monkeys, ammo, amour any last minute essentials. After returning to the normal world and talking to Orlov you will now see his family photo in his place. By picking this up you will enter the boss fight and there will be no going back. You will now be teleported to the Particle Accelerator room where Orlov will be waiting for you. Orlov recognizes his family in the photo you give him and now he wants to shut down the Particle Accelerator. Now the objective is to protect him as he shuts it down. This boss fight can be very hectic as lots of hounds and Megatons will be spawns. My best advice is to the person with the wonder weapon kill all the pesky hounds and Megatons as the others run around and stay alive and kill when possible. The more you keep the zombies off of Orlov the faster he will work to destroy the Particle Accelerator. Orlov will move around to 3 places around the Particle Accelerator room to destroy. After he has destroyed all three locations you will have now completed the boss fight but wait the easter egg is not finished yet.

8. Exfil

Now that you have completed the boss fight, to complete the easter egg you will now have to get to the chopper and exfil. This exfil is going to have electricity all over map, be sure to avoid the electricity at all costs because it will kill you very quick. Be as quick as you can as lots of zombies will be spawning. The best route I’ve found is to exit the Particle Accelerator room through the right door that takes you to power. Now make your way through spawn to the right and exiting into Nacht. Make your way up the stairs and exit Nacht by Stamina Up, now entering the Crash Site. Now that you are at the Crash Site make your way over to the pond to exfil and complete the easter egg. Once you have made it onto the chopper you have now completed the Die Maschine easter egg. Congratulations!!

    Side Easter Eggs

    1. Coffin Dance – In order to do the Coffin Dance Side Easter Egg you will need to shoot 5 orbs around the Particle Accelerator room. After shooting all five orbs you will be sent to the Dark Aether in the Particle Accelerator room. Now the room will be filled with zombies dancing, a few of them will be holding a coffin dancing with all sort of lights going. After they are done jamming out you will return to the normal world and the coffin will turn into a drop. This drop will contain Jugg, a good weapon drop (chance for wonder weapon or Ray Gun) and some other goodies. The locations for the orbs will be listed below.

    If you have any trouble completing the Easter Egg Feel free to join our Discord to get assistance on it.


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