Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Zombies Rave in the Redwood Easter Egg Steps

Welcome to the only guide you’ll need to get you through Call of Duty’s infinite Warfare Zombies map, Rave in the Redwood! In this guide you’ll find everything you’ll need to complete the Easter Egg, unlock and upgrade each crossow, locate parts and much more!

So in this map you’ll need to find 1 power switch. A big difference from Zombies in Spaceland for sure!

Power switch can be located in the basement of spawn cabin. Make you’re way through the door way next to the fire place and navigate to the door way on the opposite side of the mess hall. Go up the wooden walk way and follow the path past the fire pit at the cabins and make your way into the mines. When you reach the center turn left and go down the tunnel and straight ahead of you (to the left of the stairs) you’ll see the power switch.

Gather the boat parts and take the boat to the island. Talk to Kevin and make your way to Recreation Area. Navigate to the back of the stand where you’ll see a weapon wall buy. Across from the wall buy on the ground, you’ll see a part of a photo. Pick it up and bring it to the area with the giant fire (bonfire).

Place the photo on the ground about 10 feet in front of the magic wheel and you’ll be put in to rave mode.

You will need to shoot the arms off of zombies for this challange. An orb of light will fly to where you interacted.

Once filled, a bunch of orbs will fly to that spot and allow you to interact. This cases you to go back to reality and slasher appears. He will try to down you so take him down before he takes you down.

When completed, an explosion happens and a max ammo appears where you defeated him. Go back and interact with the light orb. Go back to the island and talk to Kevin.

The next photo location is located in the room where jugg and the boat part are found above spawn. When entering the room, turn slightly to the right and on the floor you’ll find the second photo piece.

Make your way to the Recreation Area via zip line just outside that door and if you move slightly forward and to the left, you’ll prompted to place the photo.

This step is easily done with the balloon trap ( 1 blue and 2 orange gems). You will need to shoot off the legs of zombies if you don’t have one.

Again, when completed interact with the orb light, face off with the mini boss, grab the max ammo and interact with the light orb.

Go to Kevin once more and talk to him.

The final ritual requires a skull. You can find the skull to the left of the magic in the power switch room in the drain. Pick it up and head to the beach.

Place the skull in front of the stairs to begin this ritual. This time you’ll need headshots. Get the required headshots, interact with the orb and face off with the slasher one more time.

This time interact with orb BUT prepare yourself for the boss fight. Grab your perks and upgrade your weapons.

Boss fight:

Once you’re ready to go into the boss fight, go to the basement of spawn cabin and turn left at the bottom of the stairs. You’ll see that you can interact with a button on the wall. Interact with it (if playing with multiple players all must press the interaction button at the same time). Make your way to the boat and all players must interact at the same time once again.

You’ll travel over to the island but be stopped most of the way through for an in game cutscene.

Here we go! You’ll spawn in on the island and shortly after be in rave mode. You’ll see some rays of dull lights on different areas of the island. In these lights you’ll find a skull.

Fill the skulls up (while avoiding the giant slasher) until they turn bright. You must do this for each of the locations (more players, more locations).

Once filled, they will connect together and create a giant symbol on the ground somewhere on the island. You must get the giant slasher to step into this ritual and shoot the light that appears on his side a few times.

He’ll become enraged, you’ll leave rave mode and have to shoot symbols on his body (shoulders, arms, sides of the stomach or legs). You will have to shoot 8 of them which require very few shots. The spots that appear on him are random. During this process have someone train a few zombies on the opposite side of the island.

Once completed he’ll become enraged again stomps his foot and sends out blades that can insta down you.

Take cover! Hide behind one of the 3 giant rocks almond the shore line. The slasher sends deadly winds and skeletons to try to take you down. Fend off the skeletons and stay in the green circles.

Once that’s over you’ll repeat the first phase again only this time, he’s put up some barricadeson the inner middle areas. Again fill the skulls, get him in the ritual circles and shoot the symbols as they appear on him.

Again take cover from the winds and fight off the skeletons. Phase 3 is similar to phase 2 only this time the middle area is barricaded leaving you only the edges of the island.

This time once you shoot all the symbols on him, he becomes enraged and it’s time to hit him with everything you’ve got. He’s a mighty fellow but with some gas grenades and some clips, he’ll go down soon enough.

When he’s finished, he’ll yell, melting into the ground. When he’s done being a drama queen, the soul key will appear. Have everyone avoid the area where the slasher was defeated for about 5 seconds and the soul key should appear if it doesn’t appear shortly after. Enter cutscene!

Bonus wonder weapon!

Make your way to the basement and to the right of the magic wheel you’ll see a buzz saw you can pick up (Smiley)

SMILEY: melee/ranges weapon. Your ADS is used as the melee. Very powerful. Your shooting button launches blades. You are stocked with 36 blades.

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