Gauntlet Challenges – Death-Con FIVE

  1. Share the Health – Kill Enemies to Regenerate Depleting Health
  2. Slippery – Players Can Only Attack While Sliding
  3. Flag Protocol – Players Can Only Attack When Standing Next to a Flagpole
  4. Bursting With Excitement – Players Can Only Use the RK 7 Garrison Pistol
  5. Tower Defense– Moving Causes Damage
  6. Power Trip – Activate the Power Before the End of this Hellhound Round
  7. Eat and Run – All Enemies are Sprinting
  8. Special Forces – Kill 10 Enemies With a Special Weapon this Round
  9. Brittle – Complete the Round with a Limited Number of Hits Across All Players
  10. You’ve Been Served – Defend the Server Room
  11. High Gas Prices – Nova 6 Crawler Gas Causes Point Drain
  12. Down the Rabbit Hole – Use 10 Unique Teleporters During this Round
  13. Bear A Grudge – Hunt down and Open the Mystery Box 6 Times this Round (Firesale Disabled)
  14. No Gen – No Health Regeneration
  15. Whole Hog – Defend the Porcine Research Lab
  16. Bursting with Fear – Players Can Only Use the RK 7 Garrison Pistol
  17. Walled In – Make 5 Unique Wall Buys
  18. Shock and Awe – Get 55 Trap Kills and Survive 5:55
  19. Teleporter Tango – Teleport Before Your Timer Runs Out or You Start Taking Damage
  20. Time To Panic – Defend the Panic Room During this Nova 6 Crawler Round
  21. Anywhere but WTF? – Players Randomly Teleport. Complete the Round Under the Time Limit
  22. Make It Rain – Take Damage While you Have Over 5000 Points
  23. CQZ – Zombies Can Only Be Damaged in Close Quarters
  24. Double Trouble – Enemies do Double Damage
  25. Conference Call – Defend the Conference Room and Hallways
  26. On the Clock – Complete the Round Before the Timer Expires
  27. Bursting Your Bubble – Players Can Only Use the RK 7 Garrison Pistol
  28. Out of Order – Teleporters and Elevators are Disabled
  29. Nothing Special – Special Weapons are Disabled
  30. Doom Lake – Defend Groom Lake

Note For Round 9: Sitting in one spot makes all the difference. We prefer the elevator on the first floor.

Note For Round 13: Definitely save more than three zombies to ensure the round doesn’t end while you’re hunting the box down!

Note For Round 14: NEVER stay in one spot unless the whole team wants to camp the elevators. I prefer to train on the second floor and with a shield on me at all times.

Note For Round 17: Buy the cheap wall buys near the spawn area! Keep one slot on your class open so you can keep one good gun and trade your second slot for the five wallbuys,

Note For Round 19: You won’t get a strike if the timer expires but you’ll lose health fast!

Note For Round 22: Continuously buy ammo off the wall for a pack a punched gun or constantly repair your shield to burn through points fast.

Note For Round 26: Camp in one location, preferably the elevator on the first floor, and use the traps as much as possible.

Check out this step-by-step tutorial by dkdynamite on how to beat the Death-Con Five Gauntlet without any strikes if you need a visual tutorial for each round!!


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